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Best Kona Coffee Reviews – 4 High-level Packages

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The best Kona coffee may be a difficult task to find, simply because there are a lot of different packages, a lot of manufacturers and in essence plenty of different products. But, with our help, this quest is easier than ever.

Best Kona Coffee – Top 4 Picks

We have discovered 4 best Kona coffee products which are simply the best and the safest choice as well.

#4. Mountain Thunder

The medium roasted Kona coffee with these advantages must be more than just expensive. You would be wrong. Despite the fact this coffee has it all, it is actually one of more affordable products available on the market. Furthermore, it is one of the best Kona coffees we have ever tried.

best kona coffee - 4 Mountain Thunder

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The package is modern, well-made and it contains coffee you are going to like. The main fact here is to the whole grain advantage. Then we have claimed from the manufacturer that only the best and the healthiest coffee beans have been used in the manufacturing process. Combined, all of this means that the coffee we have here is delicious.

Of course, let’s not forget that this coffee has been manufactured in Kona region on Hawaii, which is mandatory if you are looking for 100% pure Kona coffee. The fact it is also carefully picked and processed makes it an even better choice. We liked the taste and the aroma, but the smell is something special.

It is one of a kind and simply so much different than any other Kona coffee we have tried. And yes, this coffee has been produced and processed on the same farm, which makes it perfect.

  • 100% pure Kona coffee.
  • Well-made and packaged.
  • Value for money.
  • Delicious.
  • Smell.

  • Smell may be an issue for some people.
  • Difficult to find.

#3. Mark Ferrari

This has to be your and it definitely was our next choice. The coffee we have here is grown and packaged in Hawaii, in the famous Kona region. What you must like is the fact that it is 100% pure Kona coffee. As such, the taste is well-known and it is one of the best we have tried, therefore it is on the list.

best kona coffee - 3 Mark Ferrari

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What else can be mentioned regarding this coffee? You are going to like the fact it is grown on a family farm since the 80s. Thanks to 28 years of experience this coffee truly has a lot to offer.

The fact it is pure coffee, it has been carefully grown and it comes from a family owned farm suggests that this is one of the best products of this type you can possibly have today. Sadly, it is still packaged in small packages, which may be an issue for some buyers, but other than that, this coffee is perfect.

Let’s just add that it also offers an enhanced aroma and flavor, so it has a bit different taste than any other coffee of this kind we have tried. You are truly going to notice this advantage.

  • Improved aroma.
  • Great taste.
  • Family owned farm.
  • Carefully grown.

  • Small package.
  • Strong taste for some people.

#2. Volcanica Coffee – Hawaiian Kona Coffee

And here we have the best package of them all. As a value for money, this is the main option to consider. First of all, the package is much larger than the others we have here. It is made in Hawaii, so the taste and the specifications of the coffee are above the average. We liked the taste and you will as well.

best kona coffee - 2 Volcanica

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One advantage can be the fact this is mixed coffee. 5% of it is Kona beans, but the rest is mixed from other coffee beans. As such, you get the original and unique flavor which cannot be generalized or explained with words.

The roasting process is one of the most appealing we saw as well. The coffee is freshly roasted, so it offers the familiar taste which is characteristic only for coffee beans which were roasted carefully and after picking. But, the fact that only the best-quality coffee beans have been roasted makes the situation look much better.

  • Massive package.
  • Well-roasted coffee.
  • Only the best beans were used.
  • Delicious.

  • Expensive.
  • Mixed coffee beans.

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#1. Blue Horse Kona Coffee

Blue Horse Kona Coffee is the best Kona coffee period. First and foremost, it is produced on the family farm, so it isn’t a mass-produced type of coffee. As such, it definitely has a lot to offer.

We must start with the complete absence of the chemicals and pesticides. This is an organic coffee, which offers the best taste and stands out from the crowd. You are going to be more than just satisfied with the taste and the fact this is freshly roasted coffee.

best kona coffee - 1 Blue Horse

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Of course, the fact there are no pollutants in the coffee is the main advantage. But, there are a lot of other facts we must mention. The first one will be a safe and great package.

The coffee isn’t produced in massive amounts, so as we have mentioned, it comes with the advantage which suggests that each package comes with specific advantages. The last, but not least, this is a hand-picked coffee which has been dried on the sun.

  • Dried in the sun.
  • Hand-picked.
  • Free of chemicals including pesticides.
  • Great package.

  • Small package.
  • Limited options.


Do you want the best Kona coffee? If that is the case, then you must be prepared to choose one of the 4 packages we have mentioned here. Each one is special and a bit different than the others, which makes it more than just appealing for a specific type of people.

In essence, you will have a high-level Kona coffee to choose from. Each product is more than just great to try at least, but chances are high that you will find the most favorite type within a matter of minutes, so you will probably continue to use it over and over again. When it comes to Kona coffee, these are the best of the best alternatives!

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