Review Of The Best Kamado Grill Models From The Reliable Brands

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Best Kamado Grill Reviews – The earthenware cooking systems remind us of the ancient Japanese culture. However, now, if you are looking for its modern version, Kamado grill is the right option for you. Due to the ceramic design and insulation system, this grill absorbs the heat, distributing it throughout the system. Most of the grilling enthusiasts love this portable designed grill. You can grill your food at the outdoor site or in an indoor area.

Top 3 Best Kamado Grill Models

In this article, we have reviewed the best Kamado grill models for you. Let’s check them out.

#1. Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II, Charcoal Grill

kamado joe - best kamado grill

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Top vent and grilling system

This feature is very common in the best Kamado grill, and its major purpose is to control the airflow and help with the escape of smoke from the chamber. This airflow control is effective at regulating interior temperature. It is highly essential while you are cooking your food slowly.

There are also markers to let you open the system precisely and locate that spot later. Thus, you may easily set the right temperature. Due to the vent, the rainwater cannot get inside the grill. You may adjust the grills’ position at any height. The heat deflectors are useful for creating the best temperature zone. You can grill directly and indirectly simultaneously.

Lid and shelves

The lid fits tightly to the system, and it prevents the loss of smoke. The latch is also a rust-resistant part. The side tables are used as workspace. You can place your foods or plates on these small tables. The Air Lift hinge simplifies your task to operate the lid.

Ash drawer

You do not need to touch the dirt with your hands. You can simply slide the drawer out of the system and remove the ashes. Thus, everyday cleaning becomes very easy to you.

  • Good look.
  • Cook food at any temperature.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Adjustable vent.
  • Easy to clean.

  • Fragile ceramic- Not good for the campers.

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#2. Big Green Egg – Large

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Design and the capacity

Big Green Egg has designed one of the versatile ceramic charcoal grills for the consumers. This Kamado-style green colored grill has much space to cook a twenty-pound turkey. It is a very large system with a diameter of 18 inches.

This cooking surface is capable of holding a good amount of ingredients. Its ceramic cover is highly durable and is designed to endure very high-temperature range. Thus, you will have no concern about the cracks while you are heating it on a cool day.

Heat-retaining capacity

The best feature of the grill is that it can hold its interior heat. Although you are grilling your food at a higher temperature, you will still be able to touch the cool outer surface of the grill. It has really the most efficient design, and you won’t need to use much amount of charcoal for smoking the foods. After cooking is over, you have to seal the vents for preventing the escape of charcoal.

Works innovatively

Temperature level is controllable due to the metal door, regulating the amount of air, getting inside. At the top, there is a vent, controlling the air that is going out.

  • Good ventilation.
  • Best smoker.
  • Temperature can be raised or lowered.

  • The Stand- Not included in the package.

#3. Primo Grills and Smokers

primo grill

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Structure and grates

The grill is designed with high-quality ceramics, and it works as the best insulator. Thus, you can slow down the cooking process or make it faster. You can get much space for cooking foods. The grates are also coated with porcelain, and they are very easy to clean. The foods do not stick to them and these grates are rust-resistant. You may also buy for doubling the cooking space.


As it is the best Kamado grill, its gasket is based on Nomex. It is more durable than any felt gasket, found in other products of Primo Grill. This gasket also plays a role for locking in the moisture.

Durable shelves

The shelves are on two sides, and you can place your utensils on them. After using the grill, you may fold down the shelves to store the unit easily at any place.

Other features

There is also a thermometer at the top and this is easily readable. You can find caster wheels at the base to help you in moving the unit smoothly. You may also lock the casters after your usage to make the grill stable at one place.

  • Helps in roasting or baking any food.
  • Useful side tables.
  • The handle is cool to touch.

  • Slight trouble to lock the casters.

#4. Pit Boss 71220 Kamado BBQ Ceramic Grill Cooker

pit boss best kamado grill

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This 22-inch Pit Boss grill has a very thick wall, made of ceramic. This wall is capable of trapping the interior heat, and it consistently distributes this heat all over the chamber. Thus, you can cook your pork uniformly. Although you reside in a cold region, the surrounding temperature won’t affect your grill. In addition to it, the glossy finish and metal trim have made the system attractive.

High-quality grates

In the ordinary grills, you can find one layer of grates, touching the heat directly. However, in this system, you have 2-layered grates, made of stainless steel. You may also alter the position of the grates to control the cooking process.

Easy to use the damper

The cast iron damper is at the top portion of the grill. It is intended for controlling the temperature and for cooking your food slow with the adjusted heat.


The large thermometer at the outside side of the grill cover helps you in monitoring the temperature easily.

  • Rust-resistant ceramic.
  • Cooking space 2 layers.
  • Foldable wooden shelves at the side.
  • Calibrated vent.
  • Portable.

  • Ceramic can be affected while shipping the product.


All the modern Kamado grills are distinguished in look and highly functional. You can buy any of them to grill or roast your foods. Choosing the best kamado grill is not an easy task. But don’t worry. We have already listed some best models in this article in order to help you make a decision. The four models reviewed here are not second-rate grills, so you can expect a good experience when you are grilling with one of these products. As you know, our first choice is Kamado Joe by considering some fundamental factors such the features, user reviews, and price. However, the other three models are also great for your needs.

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