J.A. Henckels Knives – Finding The Best One For You

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J.A. Henckels Knives – Established in 1895, JA Henckels International has produced quality kitchen tools and other cookware for their customers at best possible price. Priding themselves on their craftsmanship, J.A. Henckels’ products are guaranteed to be free of defects and are made out of the best materials.

When it comes to their products, Henckels can brag all they want for their world-known cutlery arsenal. Knives made by this company are of the highest quality and the number of recommendations they get from professionals and non-professional cooks just attest to their excellence in this department.

Top 7 J.A. Henckels Knives

With that said, due to the sheer number of quality J.A. Henckels knives out there, finding the best J.A. Henckels knives to get first can be quite the puzzle. From their usual knives to special ones, Henckels just puts so much quality in them that you will fall into a positive dilemma of choosing which one to get.

#1. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S 8-inch Chef’s Knife

The French chef’s knife is a classic in the kitchen. This 6-10” knife is the chef’s best friend and this specific product is part of J.A. Henckels’ Pro S line which gives it more features but still retains the same quality that leaves customers speechless. This chef’s knife should fit well in your hands for finishing slices and as your utility cutting tool.

chefs J.A. henckels knife

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Ergonomic Handle

Being a part of the Twin Pro S series, this J.A. Henckels knife features one of the best handles you will ever get to hold in the kitchen. More specifically, the ergonomic three-rivet Novodur handle design ensures that your hand does not wear off easily in order to complete your cutting tasks properly.

Furthermore, its super bolster provides perfect weight and balance for more precise cuts.


Sigmaforge is the construction process that the J.A. Henckels knives of the Twin Pro S series exclusively go through. Sigmaforge is a one-piece precision forging of the knives in order to create perfect geometry for the knives which results to a general improvement in stability. This construction process ensures that your knife got the right amount of attention to the detail while it was being made.

  • Precision honed to stay sharp longer.
  • Exclusive high-carbon no-stain steel.
  • Balanced and perfect for cutting.

  • Relatively heavy for a chef’s knife.

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#2. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S 7-Inch Santoku Knife

Originating from the land of the Rising Sun, Japan, the Santoku Knife is the country’s version of the French Chef’s knife. With dimensions slightly stouter than the typical chef’s knife, the Santoku’s flat edge, and curved sheep’s foot design. Santoku as a word refers to the tasks that this knife does best: slicing, dicing, and mincing.

santoku J.A. henckels knives

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Shorter, Lighter, Thinner, Harder

As compared to your usual western knives, the Santoku is shorter, lighter, thinner, and harder. With these qualities, the Santoku penetrated the western culinary scene due to the different feel it offers to its users. Being shorter and thinner, the Santoku is easier on the hands and its thin design makes it easier to handle while using wrist action.

Sheep’s Foot Design

The Santoku is famous for having what is called the sheep’s foot design. As you can observe, the front edge of the knife looks like a sheep’s hoof which gives the knife a straight sharp edge. Due to this design feature, the Santoku, even though it is much lighter and thinner than traditional western knives, performs much better when slicing directly perpendicular.

  • Great for slicing, dicing, mincing.
  • Weight is pressed down better.

  • Straight edge may need some getting used to.

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#3. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Professional S” 6″ Utility Knife

Think of the utility knife as the smaller and more compact version of the Chef’s knife. Due to its considerable size change as compared to the larger French Chef’s knife, the utility knife is great for outdoor use where bringing bulkier knives is not the most practical thing to do. The utility knife features a more pointed design while obviously weighing significantly lighter than the others.

utility J.A. henckels knives

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Pointed Design

As compared to the Chef’s knife and the Santoku, the utility knife has a more sleek and pointed design which makes it significantly better than the previously mentioned knives when it comes to punching and slicing deeper.

Portable Features

Utility knives are proud of one thing and that is their portability. Due to their lightweight, utility knives can be easily brought around for trips where bringing a knife set can do you more harm than good. Apart from that, these knives may also have their weight distributed a bit more to the handle side since the blade part is often small and thinner.

  • Portable.
  • More pointed edge as compared to others.

  • Uneven weight makes it much better outside of the kitchen.

#4. J.A. Henckels 8-Inch Stainless-Steel Carving Knife

Heading now to your meat knives, the carving knife is definitely your do-it-all knife when dealing with meat. Meat is tougher to chop which means that you would need, not just a bigger, but a knife designed for back and forth action.

carving J.A henckels knives

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Even Weight

Unlike your chopping knives, the carving knife is more of the balanced one rather than focusing its weight on the blade. The even weight distribution makes it easier for the users to go back and forth action which is a much-needed technique when chopping tougher things such as meat. An even weight makes shifting the point of gravity easily for better workaround meat.

Classic Design

Although it does not feature J.A. Henckels’ Twin Pro S handle, there is still something good that comes with its classic design. Being a part of the brand’s classic series, you can expect this one to feature the handle that you will love if you are into traditional handles. If you have grown fond of using traditional knives with non-special handles then this one is for you.

  • Cheaper price.
  • Has a traditional feel.

  • Better fit for smaller hands.

#5. J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio Boning Knife

Up next is the king of bones: the boning knife. As the name suggests, this knife has something to do with bones, but to be more specific, this knife was meant to remove bones of meat, poultry, or fish.

boning J.A henckels knives

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J.A. Henckels’ version of the boning knife is actually longer than the standard ones out there and at the same time, this brand’s version is narrower thus making it better performing for its task of removing the meat from the bones.

Narrow Blade and Sharper Point

At 15.8 inches, J.A. Henckels’ boning knife is on the longer side of things. To come with this, their boning knife features a narrow blade to get into hard to reach places without doing much damage to the aesthetic credibility of the meat.

Furthermore, their boning knife’s sharp point is far more potent than other brands making it much easier for you to make incisions into what you need to operate on.

International Premio Collection

This particular product of J.A. Henckels is a part of their International Premio Collection. This series is composed of numerous blades which feature a different kind of creation process that involves a different kind of forge and finish. Although it features the same triple-riveted ergonomic handle as the Pro S series, this series has a Satin-finish for additional peeling and slicing capabilities.

  • Balanced and strong enough to penetrate well.
  • Sharp and cuts precisely.
  • 5.5” Blade.

  • The big handle may not fit everyone.

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#6. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S Stainless-Steel Paring Knife

Dwelling on the most precise cutter of all, the paring knife is the way to go if you want to deal with more intricate subjects such as deveining shrimps.

paring J.A henckels knives

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Although this one is the smallest among all the choices you have, you just could not simply underestimate its value as this knife may just surprise you. Think of this one as the kitchen’s scalpel that you can use to produce impressive precision works.

Short and Stout Blade

The previous knives mentioned before this one all boast of relatively lengthy blades for cutting and slicing but this one, at 3 inches, is something else. The short and stout blade makes it possible for you to handle the blade well and work your way around intricate spaces.

Just a little bit of history to go with this feature, the paring knife was originally used to thin the edges of leather and was the finishing tool for most works back then until it made its way to the kitchen as the ultimate precision knife.

Friodur Ice Hardened Blade

Although this knife does not go through the safe rigorous stress that other knives go through in the kitchen, it is still important to keep this one stainless and strong to retain its quality and that is exactly what the Friodur Ice Hardened finish does.

  • Part of the J.A. Twin Pro S series.
  • Cuts precisely and does not dull easily.

  • Limited functions.

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#7. J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio Bread Knife

This one, for me, is perhaps the most enjoyable knife to use simply due to the sensation that you get when you slice through the outer layer of bread like a piece of wood.

bread J.A henckels knives

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Bread knives are created for the main purpose of cutting bread without destroying its shape. The serrations of this knife enable cutting through the thick outer layer of bread as well as its chewy insides.

Stainless Blade with Serrations

The serrations are the most prominent features of a bread knife and J.A. Henckels have perfected these serrations by creating them with their satin-finish, full tang blades. Furthermore, their International Forged Premio bread knife is one of the longest you will see in the market today with a total length of almost 16 inches with more than half of the length attributed to the blade. The long blade and serrations are able to cut better through bread.

  • Has a really good length and has perfectly-made serrations.
  • Ergonomic handle and full tang gives it a good balance.

  • Lacks versatility as a knife.

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J.A. Henckels Knives – Conclusion

These seven J.A. Henckels knives and their respective versions are the best of the brand but which knife really stands out? Well, our pick is the Chef’s knife. J.A. Henckels’ Twin Pro S High Carbon Chef’s Knife is just too much to compete against. This knife deserves the full five stars mainly due to its versatility and overall craftsmanship.

Although the Twin Pro S series knives all feature the same type of handles, their Chef’s knife just fits perfectly with the weight and balance that the ergonomic three-rivet handle provides. Although the weight of this knife may need some getting used to, with practice, this knife should serve you well.

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