The Best Golden Syrup Substitute – What to Use in Case of Emergency

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Best Golden Syrup Substitute – When creating desserts such as cakes and brownies, it is always good to have the best sweetener that can hold the batter together during the whole baking process. One of the most perfect ingredients as a sweetener is golden syrup. Golden syrup is popular due to the great balance of sweetness it gives to baked goods.

Best Golden Syrup Substitute – 4 Alternatives

golden syrup substitute

There is, of course, a number of golden syrup brands to choose from in stores. However, at times, your local supermarkets or grocery stores may not have it, or you may run out of it while you are in the middle of the baking process. Rather than wasting your time finding one in your local stores, it is better to just find a good golden syrup substitute.

#1. Honey

Honey and golden syrup are interchangeable, and a lot of people find it hard to differentiate the two. You can use either one for baking goods and other uses for desserts. Hence, when you can’t find any golden syrup near you, you can opt for honey instead.

Also, besides how it shares the same consistency/texture as golden syrup, another advantage of it is that it’s healthier since it uses natural sugars that contain traces of nutrients. The only downside of honey is its price as it is quite expensive, but if you have the budget for it, then honey is an ideal golden syrup substitute.

#2. Dark Treacle or Molasses

Dark treacle (aka black treacle) is also a good replacement for golden syrup. It is commonly used in Britain, while it is unfamiliar to most people in the U.S. Dark treacle, as the name implies, has a dark/black color, unlike golden syrup, that may alter the appearance of your baked goods. British usually use this for their pudding, cakes, toffees, and other drinks.

On the other hand, while treacle and molasses are similar, they slightly vary in flavor. Molasses has a bitter taste that might give off a stronger flavor to your dish. If you require a less intense taste, then you can opt to utilize light molasses instead.

Treacle and molasses are best used when you are not so particular with the taste and color. Both improve the texture of baked sweets.

#3. Corn or Maple Syrup

The corn/maple syrup’s thick consistency and sugar content make them a fantastic golden syrup substitute. Both share almost the same properties such as their clear and light appearance, although corn/maple syrup might be a bit less thick than golden syrup.

When it comes to the taste, corn/maple syrup may somewhat vary, although the difference is not that intense. If anything, corn/maple syrup might make your dish tastes even better. Overall, while corn/maple syrup is a good alternative especially for topping off sweets, just expect a quite altered flavor and texture.

There are of course ways to thicken it a little bit more; for instance, you can cook it in a saucepan.

#4. Homemade Golden Syrup

One of the best solutions for substituting golden syrup is making a homemade one. There are a lot of good recipes you can find online. Almost all the ingredients of a golden syrup can be easily found at the comfort of your home: sugar (200 grams and one kilogram of it), water (one-third cup and four boiling cups of this), and two lemon slices.

Below are the instructions for making a homemade golden syrup:

  1. In a medium heat saucepan, place the 200 grams of sugar and one-third cup of water.
  2. Let the sugar caramelize until it darkens.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Under a low heat, boil for about 45 minutes until it thickens. Stir the mixture occasionally.
  5. Turn off the heat and let it cool. If it is not thick enough, you must boil it again for a couple of minutes.)
  6. Place the mixture in a clean bottle or jar.
  7. Store the bottle/jar in a cool place.


It is not difficult to find a great golden syrup substitute, actually. All the aforementioned alternatives can satisfy you in the same way as golden syrup. There might be some slight variations; hence, your choice of alternative may depend on your texture and taste requirements for your baked goods.

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