Buy the Best Gluten-Free Crackers to Keep Your Health Safe

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Best Gluten-Free Crackers – We love to enjoy snacks and crackers in the afternoon or at any time of a day. However, while we buy a crackers packet from stores, we show concerns on the ingredients. Gluten, a protein is not safe for all the consumers. It can cause rye, barley and few other grains. It can cause allergy to some consumers. That is why you may look for the gluten-free crackers.

Top 3 Best Gluten-free Crackers

The absence of gluten never affects the taste of the crackers. You will find crunchy and scrumptious tang in these crackers. Usually, these crackers contain nut, rice, quinoa or kale crackers. While buying any package, you have to check the ingredients and the nutritional value of the crackers. Now, we have reviewed the best gluten-free crackers to help you in purchasing them easily.

#1. Blue Diamond Gluten Free Almond NutThins Cracker Crisps

best gluten-free crackers diamond

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Pack of 12

Blue Diamond Almonds offers you a package of 4.25 Ounce. You can get 12 packs of crackers in it. At a reasonable rate, you can enjoy this afternoon treat.

Crunchy Crackers

While you have a bite on a cracker, you will realize its crispiness. This crunchy feature has added more sumptuousness to the crackers.

Almond and Other Ingredients

The manufacturer has chosen an almond as the main ingredient of this cracker package. In every bite, you can find the taste of these nuts. Regular consumption of these delicious almond-based crackers will also make you energetic. Other constituents in these crackers include pecans, soy, safflower oil, rice flour, and hazelnuts.

Flavorsome Crackers

You can find very the presence of milk and very little amount of sea salt. It is intended to add good flavor to the best gluten-free crackers.

  • No gluten.
  • Highly nutritious.
  • Crunchy and tasty.

  • Few users feel too much salty taste.

#2. Schar Gluten Free Table Crackers

best gluten free crackers

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Number of Crackers

This is a 3-pack cracker, with an overall weight of 7.4 Ounce. You can enjoy 6 servings for every container.


The major ingredients of these crackers are corn flour, rice syrup, guar gum, yeast, slight salt, tartar cream, baking soda and oil of coconut, palm and canola. For good natural tang, you can find rosemary and lactose-free milk.

Nutritional Value

For every serving, you can get 160 Calories. It includes 6% calcium, 11% carbohydrate, 7% protein, 10% sodium and 2 % iron in these crackers. The best fact is that this is a cholesterol-free cracker.

  • No cholesterol, gluten, and lactose.
  • Good toppings.
  • Non-GMO product.
  • Natural ingredients for flavor.

  • Very few crackers in a package.

#3. Lance Gluten Free Crackers

Lance gluten cookie

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Number of Crackers

You can find four boxes of crackers in this Lance package. In each of these boxes, there are eight separate cracker packets. Thus, you can buy one or two packages to share it with your family members.

Sandwich Cracker

This sandwich version has made this cracker different from other gluten-free packages. For those, who love both sandwich and crackers, this is the best option. Moreover, the manufacturer has created these sandwiches to add more flavors to their products.

Peanut flavored Cracker

Most of the foodies love the tang of peanut butter, and it is also highly nutritious to us. The manufacturer has chosen it for creating a sandwich of two crackers.

  • Pantry-friendly container.
  • Tasty peanut butter.
  • Certified product.
  • No presence of high fructose, hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors or colors and eggs.

  • Flavor- Not much strong

Final Words

Thus, find the best gluten-free crackers from our above list and thorough assessment. Stay healthy by consuming these snacks every day.

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