Finding The Best Frozen Hamburger Patties – Know What To Look For Before Buying

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Best Frozen Hamburger Patties – Interested in grilling some hamburgers without the harsh process of mincing meat and preparing the patties yourself? That’s why there are so many options on the market – you’re not the only one in this situation. However, different frozen hamburgers patties taste differently. It’s a matter of quality standards and ingredients. Obviously, some things are better than others.

Some people choose price over quality. Others look for convenience instead, rather than taste. Fortunately, some options are in the middle. Simply put, the best frozen hamburger patties are tasty, inexpensive, healthy and easy to cook. Now, what are the best products you can get?

Benefits of Frozen Hamburger Patties


There are more reasons wherefore people rely on frozen patties. Convenience is one of them. Imagine buying a piece of meat, washing it, grinding it and turning it into small patties. How long would it take? Exactly! Plus, you would need some other accessories too, such as a grinding machine.

When you hunt the best frozen hamburger patties, everything is ready made. Just take them out of the package and cook them.

Nutritional Values

Those on strict diets will also love frozen patties. Whether you count calories, protein, carbohydrates or other macros, chances are you’ll never be able to come up with a precise result if you buy a raw piece of meat. You can research online, but you can only come up with estimates.

If the food is packaged, you’ll have all these details on the packaging. You know exactly what you’re having, as well as when to stop.


Although preparing everything yourself might look cheaper, it’s not. Sure, a piece of meat, some buns and vegetables might be a bit cheaper than frozen hamburger patties. But then, think about the other appliances you need (such as a grinding machine), your time (which means money) and the energy used to run and cook all these. If you bother to do the math, you’ll end up pretty even.

Top 3 Best Frozen Hamburger Patties

Finding the best frozen Hamburger Patties is tricky, but of course, it is not a daunting task at all. In case you need some recommendations, here we have three top-rated products that are worth considering to buy. Check them out.

#1. Taste The Obsession Lean Ground Beef

Safe and Healthy

Taste The Obsession has found the recipe to create the best frozen hamburger patties out there. The ground meat is based on 100% grass-fed beef. In other words, the flavor is richer and the taste is unique. The cattle is not fed up with chemicals and hormones to grow faster, so such harmful substances will never get into your body. Forget about antibiotics and feedlots. From this point of view, these beef hamburger patties are ideal for a series of different diets, including the paleo diet.

Quality Standards and Animal Welfare

While these patties are processed in the USA, they’re actually rated as New Zealand products. The ground beef is shipped frozen from New Zealand before being packaged in the USA.

In terms of animal welfare, the farm is known for its obsessive standards. All the beef comes from healthy beef – no stress exposure. The farm ensures that the cattle is treated responsibly. Apart from animal welfare considerations, healthy beef will inevitably taste better as well.

  • 100% grass-fed cattle.
  • No harmful substances.
  • 85% lean ground beef.
  • Animal welfare considerations.
  • Excellent for more diets.

  • More expensive than chemical fed cattle beef, but healthier and tastier.

#2. White Castle Hamburgers

Reputable and Trusted

Sometimes, the best frozen hamburger patties represent a matter of buying from a reputable and well-established manufacturer. Sure, you can keep trying different types of hamburgers from different brands for a little diversification. But if you have some guests over or you simply don’t want to take wild guesses, it pays off going with reputation.

This package comes with two sliders – 3.66 ounces. There are 16 different burgers in there – quite enough for a meal for the whole family.

Full Package

When you buy hamburgers, you usually get the patties only. You’ll have to buy other things separately – from buns to spices. White Castle provides a full package though. You got thick patties inside soft buns, as well as onion, spices, and sauce. Simply put, you only have to heat the burgers up and you’re ready to go. They can be cooked in a microwave, grilled or tossed in the oven.

  • Comes from a reputable company.
  • Easy to find everywhere.
  • Full hamburgers.
  • Ideal for couples and families.
  • 100% beef.

  • Frozen buns will never taste like fresh buns.

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#3. Ball Park Patties Beef Flame Grilled Original

Safe and Healthy

Ball Park’s best frozen hamburger patties are all about convenience and taste. What makes them so special? Easy! They have no artificial coloring in their composition, as well as no preservatives. This is actually why they’re frozen – to maintain the meat fresh without using harsh chemicals. In fact, these are some of the few options on the market that are actually passed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Convenient and Tasty

The lack of chemicals gives the meat a natural taste. Sure, chemicals are made to make meat taste amazing, but then, they’re so strong that sometimes you can literally taste them. When natural, the meat tastes just like in your childhood – natural and healthy.

Being frozen, these hamburger patties will cook within minutes only. Whether you grill them on a real flame or you toss them in the oven, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of cooking for each side. Turn them upside down in the middle and you’re ready to go. You’re basically heating them up, as they’re already fully cooked.

  • Can be found in many supermarkets, as well as online.
  • Great taste.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • Tender meat.
  • Quick to prepare.

  • Might be cheaper in supermarkets than online.


As a short final conclusion, choosing the best frozen hamburger patties is a matter of personal preferences. But then, there are some trends out there. Some products are generally loved by most people, while others are predictably disliked by gourmands. You don’t want to take any chances, do you?

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