Considering The Best French Onion Soup Bowls – What To Look For

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Best French Onion Soup Bowls – Choosing a soup bowl doesn’t look like the hardest job in the world. After all, you can enjoy a tasty soup regardless of the design. However, if you truly want a specialized experience based on the soup type, chances are you’ll need to dig deeper.

Top 3 Best French Onion Soup Bowls

Finding the best French onion soup bowls can be tricky at first, yet it’s not impossible. Certain products dominate the market due to their high quality standards and unique characteristics. So, what are the most important options out there and why do they sell so well?

#1. Gibson French Onion Soup Crock Bowls

Versatility and Build

Gibson’s best French onion soup bowls come in a set of four. The product is specifically built for French onion soup, yet it’s versatile enough to allow you cooking other types of food as well. From this point of view, you can also cook broth, pudding, seafood, pork or beef, among many others.

gibson best french onion soup bowls

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In terms of build and design, each bowl measures 4.75 inches in diameter, as well as 3×7.5 inches. They’re made from stoneware, but they’re also covered in ceramic for a smooth and nonstick cooking experience.

Convenience and Maintenance

In terms of convenience, each bowl is fitted with a knobbed lid. Both the lid and the handle will stay cool even if your food is piping hot, so they’re safe to maneuver without the risk to get burned. Moreover, the lids perfectly match the bowls and can keep the food warmer for longer periods of time.

Each bowl is microwave and oven safe, so you can use them in a wide variety of recipes. Furthermore, they’re dishwasher safe. Just toss them in the dishwasher and forget about them. They won’t lose their properties, coating or good looks overtime.

Design and Durability

The set features three tones of caramel and ivory. It’s more than just a cooking set – it’s an attractive piece of art that will draw most of the attention when you serve food.

Stoneware is durable, as well as the glazed ceramic layer. Obviously, it won’t withstand banging and dropping, but if looked after, it will certainly pass the test of time. The material is also resistant to stains and odors.

  • Good looking.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Warm colorful design.
  • Safe to use.
  • Versatile.

  • Might feel small for large get-togethers or families.
  • Lids are more fragile than the actual bowls.

#2. KooK Ceramic French Onion Soup Bowls

Build and Durability

Looking for some classic onion soup bowls that look good and deliver quality results? KooK’s best French onion soup bowls are designed with durability in mind. They feature a solid build based on stoneware, so they’ll feel a bit heavier than other units in this segment. Furthermore, stoneware is glazed with ceramic. Handles are just as sturdy and will maintain a cool temperature for safety.

kook ceramic best french onion soup bowls

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The set features four units. Each of them comes with a nonporous enamel finish. Food will never stick to it, but it will also resist better against cracks, odors, stains, and chips. All bowls look the same though.

Uses and Maintenance

Each of these bowls is oven safe. The temperature shouldn’t exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit or you risk ruining the coating. Also, you can use them in the microwave to keep food warm or to reheat leftovers. When used in a microwave, the temperature is irrelevant. Just make sure they can fit inside.

When it comes to maintenance, you can just throw them into the dishwasher. Unlike other similar models, you don’t have to wash them manually for maintenance.

Sizing and Versatility

All bowls come in the exact same size – 5.1 inches in diameter and 2.4×7.9 inches. It’s a medium size that may not be enough for large families, hence the necessity of a full set. However, it would’ve been more convenient if each bowl was in a slightly different size.

Although they’re advertised as French onion soup bowls, they can be used for pretty much anything – baked foods, potage, chowder, beef, pork, seafood and so on.

  • Can be used for more foods.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Smooth and sleek design.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Solid and durable.

  • All bowls are in the same size.
  • No lids.

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#3. Le Creuset French Onion Soup Bowl

Durability and Maintenance

When hunting the best French onion soup bowls, there are two major elements you should never overlook – durability and maintenance. In terms of durability, you have an enameled surface. It’s smooth and nonporous, so food won’t stick to it. It will also resist scratches and chips.

le creuset best french onion soup bowls

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As for maintenance, you don’t want to spend half an hour cleaning a few bowls once you’re done. Le Creuset knows that, so its bowl is dishwasher resistant. It will also resist microwave and oven cooking.

Build and Design

Most of these advantages are given by the build. Basically, the stoneware used in this bowl is fired at 2156 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s stronger and more durable than anything else on the market. The handle is sturdy and won’t feel fragile when the bowl is full.

The design is basic and simple, yet most products coming from Le Creuset carry the same standards. In other words, if you have other cookware from this manufacturer, your new French onion soup bowl will perfectly match it.

Sizing and Colors

The bowl measures 6.4×4.2×2.5 inches. It’s slightly larger than most other units in this segment. It weighs 14.4 ounces. It’s not heavy, but it won’t feel light when full. However, the handle is sturdy and supportive. The bowl can take 16 ounces.

You can purchase this bowl in a few different colors – white, Caribbean, cherry, and Marseille. No matter what design you choose, you’ll have the same high quality standards.

  • Available in more colors.
  • Can resist scratches, craps, and chips.
  • Doesn't retain stains and odors.
  • Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.
  • Exceptional strength.

  • No lid in the package.
  • Might feel small for a large family.


Bottom line, you do have options when looking for the best French onion soup bowls. While most products share similar properties, small details often make the difference. Analyze the front runners and make sure they can match your needs.

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