Identifying The Best Fermentation Crock On The Market – What To Look For

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Best Fermentation Crock Reviews – Fermentation crocks gain more and more popularity among residential users who want to manage their own foods as they ferment. From cabbage to cucumbers and cauliflower, having your own fermented foods can bring in a series of benefits. However, when it comes to making an informed decision, most people are clueless.

Your best bet? Go with a front-runner. Identify the best selling items, find out why, research them and choose a fermentation crock to match your needs. But before moving on, make sure you understand the benefits of this process and how it can actually help you.

Benefits of Having a Fermentation Crock

A fermentation crock allows you to prepare your vegetables as they ferment. From some points of view, it will save your money. Instead of buying them from commerce, you just need to buy veggies and other ingredients, then go on with the process yourself. It doesn’t involve too much work. Plus, you can prepare high amounts of veggies.

Second, you know what goes in there. There are no chemicals or obscure substances that you’ve never heard of. The result is natural and much healthier.

Third, it’s all about the passion – the DIY experience. Your pickles will always taste better than the ones from commerce.

The Best Fermentation Crock – Our Top Picks

Now, what is the best fermentation crock on the market? We have five models that are worth considering to buy. Let’s check them out.

#1. Nik Schmitt Fermenting Crock Pots 10 Liter

Nik Schmitt’s product is designed with residential uses in mind, yet it makes a good alternative to small fast food businesses too. The best part is that it can take pretty much any type of vegetables. Think about what you like and get to work. It has an internal capacity of 10 L, so it’s large enough for families, but also small enough to be out of the way.

best fermentation crock - nik schmitt

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The package is full and includes the lid, as well as weighing stones. Check out the manual if this is the first time you do it. As for maintenance, there’s nothing to worry about. Just clean it when you’re done. The same goes for storage – no special requirements. It measures 10.6×10.6×10.6 inches, so you should just store it with the pots.

  • It can take any kind of vegetables.
  • Maintenance and storage are basic – no special requirements.
  • It's neutral for all fermented veggies.
  • It comes with a complete package.
  • It has a 10 Liter capacity.

  • Handles could have been larger for a better grip.
  • The water moat for sealing must be refilled every few days to maintain the seal.

#2. Kerazo Keramik German Made Fermenting Crock Pot

Following the German quality standards, Kerazo’s fermentation crock is less likely to disappoint. It’s mostly indicated to residential uses – those who like their own natural fermented vegetables every once in a while without taking all the chemicals from commerce. The unit is handmade and fired at 1,260 degrees Celsius. It has no cadmium or lead in its composition. Also, the body is created in a single piece. It’s 0.6 inches in thickness.

best fermentation crock - kerazo

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The 5 Liter capacity is enough for regular families or singles. The crock comes with a deep gully. Gas is easily expelled, while air and dust are successfully kept outside. It has two handles for easy transportation and maintenance doesn’t involve any special requirements.

  • It's built to last by the highest German standards.
  • It looks traditional and old fashioned.
  • Gas is safely expelled without letting air in.
  • Handles are sturdy even if the crock is full.
  • There is no lead in its composition.

  • The water seal could have been deeper.
  • It seems fragile.

#3. TSM Products 31060 German Style Fermentation Harvest Pot

This 5 Liter fermentation crock from TSM Products can be purchased in a few other sizes as well, depending on your needs. This size is ideal for singles and couples though. It comes with a full package, so it also has the stone weights. It was a water gutter and it can safely prevent dust and air from getting in. It measures 10x9x12 inches, so it’s never in the way. Store it with pots.

best fermentation crock - tsm

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In terms of maintenance, it shouldn’t go in a dishwasher. Instead, just hand wash it, rinse it and dry it manually. Use a paper towel or a cloth. That’s all! It’s also durable and made without cadmium and lead, so it’s safe for your pickles.

  • It's made with safe materials and no cadmium or lead.
  • Stone weights are also included in the package.
  • The seal is solid and leaves no air or dust inside.
  • Maintenance and storage are simple – no major requirements.
  • It offers a good value for money.

  • Four smaller stones would've been better than two big stones.
  • Side handles don't seem too sturdy.

#4. Humble House Fermentation Crock German-Style

Humble House’s crock is all about customization and versatility. Apart from this 2 Liter model, you can also choose the 5 or 10 Liter variety. The same goes for its design – four different colors. However, the actual performance is what really matters. This crock ferments food in a classic way. It has a full package, including the lid and weights.

best fermentation crock - humble house

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The 2 Liter crock measures 8×6 inches. It’s quite small and suitable for couples and singles. Altogether, you can fill up about four jars with one batch. The water level in the gutter must be constantly monitored to prevent dust contamination.

In terms of construction, you’ll get a thick ceramic crock. The finish is shiny and smooth. Most importantly, it has no cadmium or lead in its composition.

  • It's excellent for kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, and others.
  • It's the right size for couples and singles – not too small, not too big.
  • The package is complete.
  • It comes in more colors.
  • It comes in multiple sizes.

  • It might feel too small if you're addicted to pickles.
  • It's fragile, so don't drop it.

#5. Kenley Fermentation Crock Jar 5 Liter & Pounder

Kenley’s crock is designed to help you make quality and chemical-free pickles, sauerkraut, and others. The 5 Liter capacity means you can use about 3.5 kilograms of vegetables. The package is complete, so you can use the crock out of the box – no separate purchases. It has a well matching lid that lets gas out without letting air in, but it also has matching stones to keep vegetables under the brine.

best fermentation crock - kenley

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The crock is made of entirely natural materials. There are no chemicals to affect your veggies. Even the nice coating is food-safe. In other words, not only you’ll have safe pickles and sauerkraut, but the taste won’t be altered either. As for caring and maintenance, there’s nothing special. Empty the contents and wash it with regular washing liquid. You should wash it manually. Dry it before storage.

  • It's entirely made of natural materials – even the coating.
  • It maintains the taste natural and chemical-free.
  • The fermentation system ensures a proper gas clearance without leaving anything inside.
  • It's big enough for regular families.
  • It's easy to use, maintain and store.

  • Its handles are uncomfortable.
  • The top opening is too small for large vegetables.


As a short final conclusion, finding the best fermentation crock is not hard at all. In fact, most of these units carry similar features. There are differences in terms of sizing (especially the opening), as well as the build quality. Think about the size of your family and how much you enjoy pickles before making a final choice, but also decide on your available budget.

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