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Best Espresso Coffee Beans – Prepare your own Best-Tasting Coffee

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Coffee is considered as one of the favorite beverages of many people. It keeps them awake and energized. Some people would not mind driving a long distance just to have their favorite coffee. Coffee shop businesses would not be complete without serving the best espresso coffee beans.

Best Espresso Coffee Beans – Top 3 Picks

If you want to prepare your own best-tasting coffee beside having the best coffee maker, you need to find the best coffee beans. In this article, we have included three of the best espresso coffee beans in the market.

3. Kicking Horse Coffee

The Kicking Horse coffee beans come from Central and South America, Indonesia, and Africa. The coffee beans are fair trade, organic, medium roast, and kosher. Choose the Kicking House if you are looking for smooth and chocolatey coffee with a bright and heavenly blend.

best espresso coffee beans - kicking horse

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The coffee beans are smooth, Rocky Mountain, and bold roasted that is 100% organic. The manufacturer of these coffee beans commits to serve only the best coffee. They assure that their products are fresh, smooth, fair trade, and have a full-bodied flavor.

According to them, they roast their high-quality coffee beans to perfection. Their buyers are satisfied with the coffee, but some are complaining about the burnt aroma the seeds releases. But, many consumers still enjoy the coffee tastes and smell.

  • With dark taste and stronger as compared to other blends.
  • Provides a bold kick taste in spite of being decaf.
  • Having rich flavor similar to mocha or chocolate.

  • The beans are very oily and dark.
  • After brewing the beans, it loses the aroma.

2. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

The Koffee Kult is a dark roast is created to the second crack during the roasting process and released in the cooling bank to achieve a fuller and flavorful coffee. It meets the US country food standards. Packaged as a whole bean coffee sealed in an airtight container to assure freshness.

best espresso coffee beans - koffee kult

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The good thing about these coffee beans is that it meets the specialty grade standards of SCAA. They came from Sumatra, Columbia, and Guatemala which are famous for its high-quality coffee beans in the world.

With this coffee, you will surely have the best tasting drink in town. It has a strong aroma and a smooth but bold flavor. It is low in acidic and not bitter. The Koffee Kult is highly recommended by many coffee lovers. It is all Arabica. It is perfect for drip, espresso, pours over, and French press.

Making a cup of coffee at home is not a problem at all. Just grind the coffee beans with a reliable coffee maker and the right water temperature. The water temp should be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

The recommended ratio is a tablespoon of coffee in every 4 to 6 ounces of water. Thus if you want to prepare a pot of coffee, you need 4 cups of water and 12 tablespoons of coffee beans.

  • It has a smooth and clean taste without any annoying aftertaste.
  • Makes the best tasting espresso since it doesn’t taste bad at all.
  • With a bit of creamy chocolate flavor.

  • There are inconsistencies in the final product as not all beans are organic
  • Some claim that it does not taste a real dark roast.

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1. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean

The Lavazza Super Crema is one of the best espresso coffee beans you can consider. It is the best choice if you prefer a blend of Central American milds, smooth Brazilian coffee, and delicate sweet Indonesian coffee. You can use it either for fine or coarse grinding.

best espresso coffee beans - lavazza

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Two pounds of the coffee beans can make around 128 cups of coffee. If you do not want oily beans, the Lavazza is dry enough to be used in your espresso coffee maker. Most of the cover drinkers are avoiding the oily coffee beans because the oil tends to clog up their coffee makers.

Espresso drinkers, particularly those who have been drinking coffee in an Italian coffee shop knows that espresso beans are very dark and not oily.

Black coffee beans may tend to produce bitter coffee. It does not matter what process you used to make your coffee. Black beans are not recommended to use. Espresso is dark and strong because of the pressurized steam and the grinding process, and not because they are made from black coffee beans.

Lavazza is used in many Italian restaurants, coffee shops, and even at homes. The Italians are aware that the color of a good tasting coffee ranges from medium to dark brown color.

They are roasted evenly and with the excellent aroma if you brew them. The aroma of the coffee beans is an indication of a good coffee. If you pulverized some beans and it does not produce any smell, it’s an indication that the coffee beans are overly roasted and it natural oil is no longer there.

  • If you brewed Lavazza, it has a European taste since it has less to no hints of chocolate or fruitiness.
  • It is not as oily as compared to others. Thus it won’t damage your machine.
  • Lighter roast and has a sweet taste.

  • Some being offered in the market are old stock. Make sure to check the dates on the bags.

Final Verdict

Keep in mind that every type of coffee beans has its unique qualities. Each class has its own quality, aroma, texture, or taste. It has specific characteristics that can be appealing to the users. The secret to a delicious and aromatic coffee lies on the type of beans you are brewing and the quality of the coffee maker you are using. Some coffee makers are not recommended for a particular type of bean, so make sure that you are using the right device.

Before you purchase a bag of best espresso coffee beans, make sure that you are aware what type of coffee beans they are. Learn how each kind of coffee beans looks like, taste, feel, and smell. To make sure your money will not be wasted, it is best that you buy a small bag of coffee beans first to test the product. If you are satisfied with your small bag, you can buy the big bag on your next purchase.

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