Selecting the Best Electric Skillet – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Best Electric Skillet Reviews – For those who have insufficient cooktop area, an electric skillet is a boon. It is highly versatile as you can carry and keep it almost anywhere and can act as a normal stovetop. For example, an electric skillet is a gift for those staying in dorms who can use it to cook and heat food easily.

So, this kitchen appliance is ideal for those who are looking for more countertop space. All you need to do is just plug it to make it cook what you want. This ensures ease of use. It also saves cooking time, which is appealing to those who have a hectic schedule almost daily or even alternately.

Factors to Consider for the Best Electric Skillet

The market for these versatile skillets is growing significantly since a few years. This has resulted in new models and consequently more diverse options to consider than before. This means that there are models appealing to different requirements and budgets.

electric skillet zojirushi

A few models are better than the rest in terms of technology in use or features on offer. Thus, it is vital to know what all you should consider for choosing the most suitable skillet. After all, there is no single model applicable to all.

Your Requirements

You need to know why you require an electric skillet. There are models with multifunctional features and obviously a higher price tag than normal. So, you simply cannot buy a skillet just because it has such features. They need to be useful to you too.

Find out whether you want to grill, fry, or cook along with the ingredients to be used. There is no point in buying a model that can only fry and cook, and not grill if grilling is what you do frequently.


Skillets are available in different sizes. A few are actually larger than the normal stovetops. To choose the right size, you need to know two things namely, family size and storage space. If there are only two people, there is no need to look for a large size. A big skillet is ideal for cooking meals for a big family. Small models are ideal for making small portions and feed them as per their demands.

In case of insufficient space for storing the appliance, it is ideal to look for a model that can fit inside cabinets without disturbing other kitchen provisions. In a nutshell, consider how well the appliance will fit your priorities.

Temperature levels

This is a tricky factor to consider, as many of us go wrong here. If your requirement is of deep frying something, consider buying an electric skillet that can support up to 450 degrees. If the support is only up to 400 degrees, you will be unable to do so. However, this support is needed for stir- or pan- frying.

High Sides

The sides must be high enough so that the skillet can easily accommodate any food of an awkward shape in it. Those models that have low sides that do not have the additional space for cooking.


Consider having a lid made up of glass for your electric skillet. Nutritionists recommend cooking without adding water. A way to do so is to cook without removing the lid. So, if the lid is of glass, you can view what is happening inside without separating the lid. Doing so not only preserves food moisture but also results in energy efficiency with retained heat.

Steam Vent

This is essential for the steam to escape. While steam is critical for quicker cooking, it induces much pressure that is quite risky. This pressure can throw off the lid to harm you or anyone nearby. So, it is wise to look for an adjustable steam vent that can be made smaller or bigger as per the food quantity and recipe being cooked. This is because a few ingredients result in more pressure.


The handles need to be resistant to heat. This will overcome the risk of burning even if the temperature is at its pinnacle. As a result, you are ensured of safer cooking.

Drainage Sprout

This is a useful feature to have, as it drains out the broth or stew from your food. This will make your cooking less messy, as nothing is left after pushing out the liquid. You can even pour out the hot liquid without any safety risk, as the feature is made with safety in mind.

Best Electric Skillet – Top 3 Choices

We’ve selected the three best electric skillet models on the market based on the recommendation of the users and experts. Here are some of our top picks.

#1. Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert

This multi-functional skillet is perhaps the most versatile model for tabletop use. It comes with three plates namely, a flat one for grilling, a steaming one for steaming, and a deep pan for making soups and fondues. For grilling, the surface is made up of ceramic and improved with a non-stick coating. Other salient features of this skillet include adjustable settings up to 480 degrees F and heat-resistant handles.

zojirushi best electric skillet

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  • Compact.
  • Versatile.
  • Cool handles.
  • Glass lid.
  • Even cooking.
  • Steam vent accessory.


  • Costly.

#2. Cuisinart CSK-250WS GreenGourmet

Designed as per the electrical standards of North America, this one with a 30-recipe book is a beginner’s choice. Due to its 14-inch non-stick surface for cooking, there is enough room for the ingredients to cook without popping out.

cuisinart best electric skillet

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The interior is ceramic-based and has a non-stick build. The skillet also comes with stainless steel handles, glass lid, and adjustable heat settings up to 450 degrees F. It is also dishwasher-safe once the probe is pulled out.


  • Great design.
  • Glass lid.
  • Dishwasher-safe (without probe).
  • Even cooking.


  • Hot handles at high temperature.

#3. Culina Electric Skillet

This small skillet is ideal for a family of two members. This 12-inch appliance is reliable for stir-fry, sauteeing and cooking breakfast recipes. It comes with a mirrored finish of stainless steel and compressed aluminum base, and a distinct non-stick coating for more efficient cooking than the conventional non-stick coating.

culina best electric skillet

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Other salient features include adjustable controller up to 425 degrees F, glass lid, sturdy stand support, and cool handles.


  • Good look.
  • Affordable.
  • Glass lid.
  • Even cooking.
  • Steam vent.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Just 2 inches deep.

Final Word

While there are many skillets in the market, the best electric skillet is the one that fulfills your requirements in an affordable way. So, choose as per your budget and priorities!