Best Cornbread Recipe

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If cornbread is one of your favorite snacks, then you should try this best cornbread recipe by Faith’s Oven. The soft and moist texture of the bread makes it delicious.

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Video Title: BEST Cornbread Recipe and How to Make Perfectly Sweet Moist Cornbread | YUM!

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Making the mixture

Okay, so best cornbread in life. You're going to need a cup of cornmeal. For wet ingredients you're gonna need a cup of flour I like to use bread flour just because I like the way that my cornbread comes out when I use the bread flour.

You're going to need 2/3 cup of sugar and then you're going to need 1 teaspoon of salt and 3 and a half teaspoons of baking powder. Okay, I'll put all those in together and I kind of mix them up just everything.

I always make homemade cornbread for some reason. Okay so now we're going to add our wet ingredients you're going to need a cup of milk. You're going to need 1/3 cup of oil. I have used vegetable oil but I also like to use olive oil for some reason. Last time I didn't have any vegetable oil left and I use olive oil and my cornbread came out ridiculously moist.

Then you're going to need 1 egg and mix it on your ingredients. I hardly ever use a blender because that's just the way I do things. I'm an old schooler I'm sure I probably would if I had a good one mixer.


Alright so there's your mixture, for now, we're just gonna add our batter. You're gonna set your oven at 425 and you're going to cook it for 20 minutes. Just put her in the oven and you're going to cook it for 22 minutes at 425. Okay so just got the cornbread out of the oven.

What I do is I take a fork and I poke holes in it. Then I take a piece of butter and I butter at the top, rip all the way around. and it comes out wonder if you don't like butter you don't have to do this. This is what I do because I like salted butter.
So this is it.

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