Best Coffee Grinder for French Press

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Best Coffee Grinder for French Press – Why You Need a Good Grinder?

You need a good grinder in making the best coffee regardless of what brewing method you will use. French press is not an exemption. You need to get a grinder that does the job correctly but will not cost you that much.

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press – Top 3 Picks

You are reading this page maybe because you are in need of a reliable grinder for French press brewing. Or else you would have settled with that blade spice mill which only has one advantage, the price. Or you prefer to know more whether your present grinder is the right device or not.

The fact is your present grinder is not the best. Below are three of the best coffee grinder for French press that you can consider buying.

3. Mr. Coffee IDS77-RB

You need a reliable coffee bean grinder if you love making cold brew coffees or fancy frappes. Buying pre-ground beans is also a good idea but grinding fresh coffee beans is still the best.

best coffee grinder for french press - MR CIFFEE IDS77

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Mr. Coffee IDS77-RB has removable, washable grinding chamber and it has cord storage. The machine measures around 4-1/2 x 4 x 8 inch with one-year limited warranty. This grinder has three grind settings with wide upper collar and flip-top lid for easy filling and emptying. The machine has chamber maid cleaning system. The bowl scraper removes coffee from grinding area easily.

The Mr. Coffee Grinder can make 4-12 cups of coffee fast and easy. You can set the device from fine to coarse. It has a Chamber Maid Cleaning System that removes grounds from the chamber walls getting rid of the messy residue, and thus less coffee will be wasted.

  • Has three programmable options.
  • Cord storage.
  • Self-cleaning Chamber Maid Cleaning system
  • Affordable.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Flip-top lid for easy filling and pouring.

  • Uneven grinds.
  • There is a possibility that it might grind some of the plastic.

Mr. Coffee’s blade grinder can provide an affordable and easy alternative to the confusing world of mills. It is portable and light. If you accidentally break it, they will replace it if it is still under warranty. It is not as good as the other grinders, but it is worth it.

2. KRUPS F203

Are you looking for the best coffee grinder for French press that is versatile and affordable? The KRUPS F203 coffee grinder is the answer. It can grind the coffee bean without having to deal with grind size, the number of dissolved grounds, or bar pressure.

best coffee grinder for french press - KRUPS F203

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It is an electric spice and a coffee grinder in one with no frills attached. As compared to a conventional coffee grinder, the KRUPS F203 is quite different. It appears to be similar to a spice grinder.

This grinder has a minimalist plastic glossy-black panel with a transparent cover so you can see the consistency of the bean. It has a single button that enables you to customize the powder size depending on what you need.

The machine is powered by a 200-watt motor. It does not matter if it is cinnamon or nuts or coffee, you can get it to real fine consistency if you use the KRUPS F203. You can place up to 3-ounce of coffee bean and grind enough coffee for up to 12 cups. It has a lid-activated safely switch which ensures that the lid is locked securely when the process is on-going.

  • Small footprint.
  • One button operation.
  • Very versatile can grind nuts, grains, spices, and coffee beans.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use and clean.

  • Control on grind size is limited.
  • Produces lots of heat that can affect the bean’s flavors.

The KRUPS F203 Electric Grinder is a versatile coffee grinder that is very affordable. You can use it for grinding your spices and coffee beans. It is not as powerful as the other grinders, but it can provide you enough grind that you need.

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1. Epica Electric Coffee Grinder

If you have plans of buying the best coffee grinder for french press to make coffee grinding process fast and easy, The Epica Electric grinder is a good choice. It has a powerful motor which makes it one of the most sought-after coffee grinders.

best coffee grinder for french press -EPICA ELECTRIC

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The Epica Electric coffee grinder has a powerful 250-watt motor. It does not matter whether you are looking for fast and fine grinding of peppercorns, flaxseeds, or all types of coffee beans.

With this coffee grinder, you can do grinding in just a few seconds in a uniform way. The mill works quietly in spite of having a powerful motor. It has an impressive design which makes it an eye stopper in the kitchen.

This coffee grinder has a clear lid on the top so you can see the process and check when the grinding is completed. Released the activation button once the process is complete.

The grinding cups and the blades are made of good-quality stainless steel that can resist corroding, scraping, and breaking. It has a detachable grinding cup that is easy to remove. The stainless steel cup makes pouring and cleaning easy.

  • Its 250-watt powerful motor can grind fast and smooth.
  • Has quiet motor without annoying sound.
  • Uniform grinding.
  • Base cup and blade are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Very easy to use and clean.
  • 100% 2-year Wake-Up guarantee.

  • The power cord is a bit short.
  • No coarse setting function.

If you need a powerful coffee grinder at an affordable price, the Epica Coffee Grinder is a good choice. Its large stainless steel blade and tub can be removed for easy cleaning. It is one of the fastest coffee bean grinding devices on the market today. It provides smooth and complete grinding process.

Final Verdict

The above best coffee grinders for French Press are some of the recommended brands on the market today. Grinding your beans will change your coffee experience completely. Your mornings will never be the same again if you take the sip of your coffee freshly ground using your coffee grinder. Hope this article will help you decide whether to replace your old coffee grinder or if you still don’t have one you can consider one of the three grinders above.

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