Best Coffee Creamer For Weight Loss Plan – Top 3 Choices

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Your weight loss plan can be easily derailed by some fatty creamer you pound down your system along with your morning coffee drinks.

But there are many ways out of such predicament, other than drinking your coffee without creamer or ditching morning coffee cups altogether.

Best Coffee Creamer for Weight Loss – Top 3 Picks

Some dairy-free, non-fatty creamers taste great and are readily available at pocket-friendly prices. In this article, we review the three best coffee creamer for weight loss that you would wish you’d known about the way much earlier.

#1. Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer

best coffee creamer for weight loss

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Excellent Creamy Taste

This product is an unsweetened, dairy-free creamer made with almonds and coconuts. With a rich, creamy taste that can light up your morning, the product is undoubtedly one of the best coffee creamers for weight loss out there in the market today.

This super-smooth creamer can also serve as a great ingredient for many of your favorite recipes besides your morning coffee, including oatmeal, desserts, and even teas and shakes. It comes in different flavors, including the popular French vanilla flavor.

Nutritional Contents Best-Suited To Healthy Lifestyles

The nutritional contents of this creamer are essential to not only those on a weight loss plan but for those on keto diets, paleo diet plans, vegan diets, vegetarian diets, diabetic diets, as well as anyone following a healthy lifestyle.

Not only is the creamer dairy-free, but it also has no carrageenan, soy, sugar, or GMO ingredients.

  • A great replacement for dairy half and a half and light cream in your tea or coffee.
  • As a non-dairy product, it got quite an excellent creaminess.
  • It comes in a great, portable package featuring four 11.2oz shelf-stable containers.

  • The flavors are usually not present in ideal quantities.
  • There have been some complaints about it curdling in a coffee cup.

#2. Opportuniteas MTC Oil Powder

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Exotic MTC Oil Powder That Produces a Rich Creamy Texture

MCT oil products are great replacements for fatty, sugary creamers, but they usually leave a mess and cause stomach cramps. However, this MTC oil powder product is an exception. It comes with incredible taste and mixes smoothly with your coffee beverages and a host of other recipes including smoothies and desserts.

It adds a smooth, richly creamy texture in your coffee, and that makes it a contender for the best coffee creamer for weight loss. You simply need to add the desired quantity to your coffee, beverage, or recipe, shake or stir vigorously, and you’re good to go! But note that you must not freeze the product.

Easily-Digestible, Rejuvenating Nutritional Contents

The nutritional composition of this creamer, which contains an optimal mix of fiber and energy, makes it well-suited to people who usually struggle to digest even minute doses of MCT oil.

The energy contents not only increases your energy levels, but it also sustains the bolstered energy levels at the expense of body fat.

  • Tastes awesome, while also being totally unsweetened.
  • Endorsed by the Vegan Society, the Gluten Intolerance Group, Orthodox Union (Kosher), and the Non-GMO Project.
  • Boosts energy to improve performance in physical activities.
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee.

  • There have been many reports that it curdles.
  • It contains maltodextrin, which has a high glycemic index that can cause an uptick in blood sugar levels.

#3. Califia Farms Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

coffee creamer weight loss

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Top-Draw Creaminess

One of three best coffee creamer for weight loss that’s free from soy, gluten, carrageen, and GMO ingredients. Califia Farms are keen on producing a creamer with natural, non-GMO, non-dairy ingredients that stimulate the taste buds incredibly.

The Califia Farms creamer comes with a mix of ingredients that deliver great creaminess and incredible tastes. You’ll be swept off your feet the first time you taste this in your coffee drink. It’s got the taste it takes to sharpen your senses ahead of the day, and that makes it a viable contender for the best coffee creamer for weight-loss.

And you won’t doubt that the product would make for a terrific ingredient in your favorite dishes.

Wholesome Nutritional Contents

With an ingredients list that features almond milk, coconut cream, and natural flavors, the Califia Farms creamer delivers wholesome nutritional contents that give you the firepower to start your day with great gusto.

Conveying only 15 calories and 2 grams of sugar in each serving (serving size is about 1 TBSP), this creamer is perfect for your weight loss plans.

  • A first-rate non-dairy, unsweetened creamer.
  • Produces a consistency that’s as great as that of dairy half and a half.
  • Great for weight loss and appetite control.

  • There have been reports that some of its packages contain large clumps.
  • The units that come in a square-shaped plastic container lasts only a few days. However, it’s been reported that units in the round-shaped packages last much longer.


For people struggling to keep up to their weight loss plans due to their consumption of dairy creamers for coffee. These three popular best coffee creamer for weight loss are a saving grace.

They’re great for nearly every type of weight-loss plans and diets, from keto diets to paleo diets and vegan diets.

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