Pure Clay Cookware to Consider for Your Home

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For those who are health conscious and look for truly non-toxic items for their kitchen, clay cookware seems to be the best bet. Although clay pots and other clay utensils take more time to soak up the heat than metallic equivalents, they distribute heat evenly and emit it gradually.

This ensures that the species diffuse and penetrate deeply so that the flavors develop gradually. This also means retention of more nutrients than in metallic cooking pots and pans.

Clay is a porous material. Thus, its pots and pans absorb the flavor of the recipe cooked inside it. So, if you use a clay pot for making hot chocolate, do not use it to make a soup. Thus, it is wise to invest in several clay cookware items.

Types of Clay Pots

Depending on the clay type in use and firing temperature, there are three main categories of these pots. First is earthenware. These pots are made using impure clays that are moved from their original sites through wind or water.

Being fired at the lowest temperatures, they are red in color due to iron content. They are not stove-friendly but are porous. For making waterproof, glazing is necessary. Second is stoneware. These pots are made using crude clay that have some impurities. They are strong, semi-transparent, and last longer than earthenware.

Last is porcelain. These pots are built using the purest version of clay and at the highest possible temperature. However, they are non-porous and translucent. If glazed, the surface is quite smooth and glossy.

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Buying Factors to Consider

Well, there are many types of clay utensils to consider, each has its own features depending on the type of clay used, the process in which it is fired, and the manner in which it is made. In short, each of them differs in terms of performance.

While choosing the clay cookware, just ensure that they are made up of only clay. There is no adulteration in the form of chemicals and additives. Only such items are fully non-toxic. Further, choose the ones that have a fitting lid and are unglazed. In case you choose glazing options, look for a glaze that is free of lead.

Top 4 Best Clay Cookware to Consider

Keeping these points in mind, here are four play cookware items to consider for your kitchen:

#1. La Chamba Soup Pot

With great popularity in Colombia, black clay Chamba cookware is a big brand. Its pots are used even in restaurants for serving traditional meals. This pot is made using mica-rich clay due to which it can endure the heat. It has no glazing and the whole hand-based process is natural involving no chemicals, toxins, or additives.

la chamba clay cookware soup pot

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The strict process and natural materials render a traditional and elegant appearance. You can rely on it for cooking beans, soups, and sauces. However, no dishwashing, please!


  • Pure clay build.
  • No sticking.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Versatile use (oven, grill, and stove friendly).


  • A bit costly.

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#2. Ancient Cookware Curry Pot – 10 Inch

This is an earthenware, unglazed pot to consider for making rice and curries. Although not glazed, the jumbo look is stunning. At the same time, the jumbo build is ideal to cook for four members plus leftovers.

ancient cookware clay curry pot

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Measuring 10 inches including handles, the pot’s capacity is 1.5 qt to fulfilling the feeding requirements of a family. The clay used in this hand-made pot contains no toxic materials. It comes from the natural clay area in India due to which it contains different reddish-brown tints. Thus, the pot is purely environment-friendly and tends to last for years.


  • Pure build.
  • Strong.
  • Good looking.
  • Sufficient recipe quantity for a family of four.


  • Unfitting lid reported.

#3. MyFancyCraft Handmade 34oz 1L Ceramic Cooking Pot

This is perhaps the most affordable option in this list. However, it is also a small pot to consider in terms of dimensions as well as capacity. Although it is purely eco-friendly pot made with hands and red clay, it is glazed without using any toxic material.

myfancycraft handmade clay cookware

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This handcrafted clay pot undergoes a toughening process at high temperatures twice. Above all, this pot is versatile as you can bake, stew, and serve using it in the oven.


  • Pure build.
  • Oven- and microwave-friendly.
  • Very affordable.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Not for use on gas or stove.

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#4. Stoneware Rameskins 500ml Pots (Set of 6) & 1 Oven Fork

This is a set of ramekins made in Russia, which are small in terms of dimensions. You can consider them for making appetizers, sweet courses, and individual portions. The latter is ideal, as the capacity is small.

vyatka ceramics stoneware ramekins

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  • Strong.
  • Oven-friendly.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Highly affordable.


  • Not for use on open flame.
  • Could be too small for some users.


While choosing any clay cookware item, just consider your needs, purity of pot, and budget. This will allow you to buy the right number of pots at a good price.

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