Revealing the Best Chervil Substitute Options

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Chervil Substitute Options – If you are a fan of French cuisine, you know how important chervil or French parsley is for flavoring with tarragon and parsley. It is a delicate herb that has a mild, subtle flavor and belongs to the parsley family. Thus, it also tastes a bit like parsley.

However, its taste is also similar to anise or licorice although it does not come so strongly. Although there is no strong flavor, the delicacy of its flavors makes it quite preferable for several dishes. Another reason behind its popularity is the feeling of warmth when consumed.

chervil substitute

The herb is widely used in soups, sauces, and salads due to its delicate flavor that does not get overridden by the other flavors. It is one of the primary ingredients of the authentic ravigote sauce.

Chervil Substitute – Two Common Options

While trying a few exotic recipes that need this herb, you may find that it is not in enough quantity in its bottle. This is where you will need a good chervil substitute that might not provide the exact flavor but matches up closely with the flavors of the herb.

An alternative to chervil can be in dry or fresh form. The dried chervil tends to lose the flavor due to which fresh chervil is usually recommended. Following are the chervil alternatives to consider:

#1. Fresh Parsley

This option is not surprising, as both parsley and chervil are from the same family of carrot greens. In fact, this similarity makes parsley the best chervil substitute, particularly for garnishing.

If used in the dried form, parsley and chervil both do not give out much flavor. Thus, fresh parsley is a better alternative.

Moreover, the taste of parsley is more delicate due to which it should be added once you finish cooking to retain its flavor. You should the same amount of parsley to replace chervil.

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Between flat-leaf and curly parsley, it is better to choose the flat-leaf parsley. This is because it comes with more flavor and that it is simple to mince or chop it.

#2. Fresh Tarragon

Just as chervil, tarragon is a green leafy herb used mostly in fish and poultry dishes. Its distinct subtle flavor comes easily when you chop and spread it for garnishing over dishes.

The flavor of this herb is almost akin to that of chervil, as both of them possess anise notes. Although the two are comparable and useable as alternatives to each other, there is a major difference to notice.

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The tarragon’s flavor is compelling enough to overtake the other flavors in a recipe you are cooking. Thus, it is best to first use only half the amount of what the dish needs for chervil and then raise it gradually to get the desired taste.

There are two types of tarragons to consider namely, French and Russian. However, the latter is less fragrant than the former. Thus, it is better to use the French tarragon.


While there are only two good chervil substitutes, one of them is commonly present in the kitchen. This is parsley. Thus, you can conveniently choose a chervil substitute.