Reviewing The Best Chef’s Knives under $100 – Finding The Best One Above All

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Best Chef’s Knives under $100 – The chef’s knife or cook’s knife is a cutting tool in the kitchen originating from France. The chef’s knife is the western version of the chef’s best friend in the kitchen due to its extreme versatility that can cut through anything from small vegetables to beef joints.

Another version of the chef’s knife is Japan’s Santoku knife which has also gained popularity in the west today as some may feel better handling this one. The Chinese version is much bulkier and harder to use.

Top 4 Best Chef’s Knives Under $100

For this purpose however, we will be looking for the best chef’s knives under $100. The versatility of the western chef’s knife is almost unparalleled and its relatively low price makes it the perfect knife to have.

#1. DALSTRONG Chef Knife

First up in the list is Dalstrong’s Phantom Series 8” Japanese AUS8 Steel chef’s knife. Dalstrong’s version of the chef’s knife may just come as a surprise to many. Created for professionals by professionals, the craftsmanship of this knife is just exquisite.

dalstrong best chef knife under $100

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With features such as the Honbazuke Sharpening, D-shaped handle, Aus-8 Japanese Steel, and more, this one deserves to be considered as one of the best chef’s knives under $100.

The Dalstrong Touch

At full tang and single precision forged from an ice-tempered, high-carbon, Japanese AUS-8 steel, this blade is truly one of the best ones you will ever see. Furthermore, as a part of the Phantom Series of Dalstrong, it is traditionally polished and sharpened to feature the desired hardness and strength.

Best of Both Worlds

As you may have noticed, this specific Dalstrong chef’s knife does not follow the conventional French chef’s knife design that most people are familiar with. The knife features a semi-sheepsfoot while approximating the straight edge of the Japanese Santoku. Dalstrong designed this knife to feature the best of the west and the east in order to make the perfect knife.

With the integrity, size, and handle of the Santoku combined with the balance and usability of the French knife, we may just have in front of us the best knife ever created.

  • D-shaped handle gives better palm fit.
  • Impeccable strength and quality.
  • Features the best of the French and Japanese chef’s knives.

  • Thin handle may not suit long fingers.

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#2. Victorinox Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife

Victorinox’s version of the chef’s knife is somewhat designed to be an instant classic. Following the conventions of the western version of the knife, the Victorinox version is absolutely great for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing. Victorinox includes their trademark features in this knife and it will surely not fail you.

victorinox best chef's knives under $100

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Perfectly Balanced

Victorinox is well-known for their Fibrox Pro series which features a textured ergonomic handle that was made to resist slippage while working. This specific chef’s knife draws inspiration from that handle and improves on it by combining it with lightweight European steel making it perfectly balanced on both ends and extremely maneuverable.

Furthermore, its 10” blade is one of the longest you will see in a chef’s knife but it is all well-thought out by its creators.

Designed for Long Rigorous Work

One great feature of this one is that it was actually built for rigorous work and for long periods of time. With most of its design concepts dating back to 1884, the knife was made back then to be used all day and every day while retaining its overall integrity and strength.

  • Long blade for lesser use of effort.
  • Original and proven design.

  • Lacks standout features.
  • May not fit small hands well.

#3. Messermeister Meridian Elite Chef’s Knife

The Messermeister Meridian 8” Elite Chef’s Knife is the brand’s version of the chef’s knife. Many users consider this product as one of the best Chef’s knives under $100 on the market. It looks relatively stouter than the other knives mentioned in this list and its blade is made in Germany.

messermeister best chef knife under 100

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Being a part of the Elite knife series of the brand, you are ensured that the knife was forged with quality particularly through processes like a hot drop hammer forging and manual fine-tuning.

German 1.4116 High-carbon Blade

As mentioned, the blade in this knife is not to be messed with. The German 1.4116 high-carbon blade is a stainless alloy that is able to resist stains and corrosion while maintaining the brand new toughness and durability it has when you first bought it.

Three-step 15-degree Elite Edge

Talking more about its blade, the Messermeister chef’s knife features a blade that in hand stropped on a cloth wheel to produce the finest and sharpest edge possible. Its 15-degree edge is the first of its kind in Germany and its wider dimension allows more weight to be put on where the knife is operating from.

  • Blade is easy to sharpen.
  • Overall great blade quality.

  • Handle may not reciprocate the same quality as its blade.

#4. Zwillilng J.A. Henckels High Carbon Stainless-Steel Chef’s Knife

J.A. Henckels is one of the most well-known cutlery brands in the world due to their different knife lines featuring different things that they can boast off. This next knife by Henckels is a part of their Four Star series which is the top-selling knife line of the brand due to its quality and price.

zwilling henckels best chef knife under 100

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At 8 inches the length of this blade is pretty standard but its quality is definitely up there. The knife, however, is relatively lighter than the usual chef’s knife.

Twin Sigmaforge

This knife has a lot to be proud of from its full rat-tail tang to its Friodur ice hardening. However, the twin Sigmaforge process has already been perfected by J.A. Henckels and is truly worth noting. The Sigmaforge process produces a very stable knife with maximum quality and life in it.

Four Star Handle

Each of the Henckels series has their own special handle and the Four Star series is no exception. This knife features a high impact polypropylene handle that is bonded with the knife to ensure that it is break proof. Furthermore, this handle gives the knife a feel of unity unlike the standard handles that feel like a whole new entity when chopping.

  • Great maneuverability due to the handle.
  • Made by trusted people.
  • Belongs to a well-known series.

  • Short handle.
  • May feel a bit too light.

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These four options are the main reasons why picking the best chef’s knives under $100 is close to impossible. However, if we were to pick one knife to have the full five stars, it would be the Dalstrong’s Phantom Series 8” Japanese AUS8 Steel chef’s knife.

Dalstrong’s version of the chef’s knife is just too elegant to ignore. With the knife being the lovechild of the French and Japanese versions of the knife, the Dalstrong chef’s knife simply performs so well and, not to mention, looks amazing also. The knife is a model in both the blade and handle categories and it is going to be hard to think of a way to top that.

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