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Best Charcoal Smoker Reviews – Top 3 Recommended

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The best charcoal smoker is like a family member. It will make sure that you get delicious food at any given moment, enjoy with your family and friends and so much more. Of course, it is important to find the best one.

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Top 3 Best Charcoal Smoker Products

If you are looking for the best charcoal smoker that comes with great features and at an affordable price, we have discovered something you are going to like. We have found 3 of them which will make you a happy person.

3. Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera Smoker and Grill

The last but not least is a smoker that must be difficult to explain and define. Let’s just say that it is one of a kind. First of all, it comes with a design which is more than just appealing.

best charcoal smoker - 3 Char Broil oklahoma bandera

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Then we have the fact it offers different cooking capabilities at any given moment and it actually has 4 cooking grates, compared to many other models which are not as practical as this one. 254 square inch of the primary cooking area is sufficient but not great. A smoking chamber actually offers 732 square inches of space. Combined they provide 992 square inches.

We believe that this model is more than just ideal for heavy-duty-purposes. It is easy to use, it is practical and it comes with great small additions, such as hooks and plenty of storage space. Of course, all of this applies if you are satisfied with its looks and with the cooking/smoking surface sizes. We are actually satisfied so, should you?

This is a traditional Oklahoma grill, so it comes with steel wheels, made from steel and with the essentials that you will need. There are no modern features nor anything that will make this unit complicated. On the other hand, it is more than just durable and it handles literally anything.

So, if you are looking for something old and good now you know where to look. We personally believe that this model isn’t the best one for all users, but it is going to be appreciated by most of them.

  • Cooking area.
  • Traditional style.
  • Very resistant and durable.
  • Capable of handling massive temperatures.

  • Steel wheels.
  • Handles are not heat insulated.

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2. PK Grills PK99740 The Original PK Grill & Smoker

At the first sight, you must either love or hate this smoker. It is made to look like it came from the 50s, but it truly has a lot to offer. First of all, this is one of the most versatile smokers there are and it is one of the best in its own class. We liked the design, but it is still an individual matter.

best charcoal smoker - 2 PK grills original

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What isn’t is the temperature control system, using clever vents. It allows you to manage the temperature anywhere between 180 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit easily, but precisely as you want it. This is just one of many reasons why this unit is extremely practical and it can be used for any purpose you have in mind.

Now let’s reveal something about the materials. This model is made mostly of aluminum and steel. But the cooking grates, which have 21.5×14 inches dimensions are nickel plated as well. In essence, this smoker is one of the most durable ones we have ever tested. It is also portable and simple, so we must deduce that it is perfect for camping trips, for usage son remote locations and for applications where other smokers are not ideal.

In a nutshell, this is the model to consider if you like its design. The practicality and the durability are on the highest level, so you don’t have to worry about them. Simply relax and enjoy a great meal.

  • Design from the 50s.
  • Practical and compact.
  • Very durable.
  • Temperature control.

  • Small cooking area.
  • Prone to scratches.

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1. Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker

Here is all about the versatility and the possibilities, which are limitless. In other words, here is all about getting the best charcoal smoker for those who want only the best results. In a nutshell, you get an authentic smokehouse flavor, which is a desire of us many. Then you get a high-quality unit, made from rust-free aluminum and porcelain-enameled steel.

best charcoal smoker - 1 Weber 711001

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Combined, these two metals will provide the best results over the longest period of time. Let’s just say that they are the best option for you and your smoker. The attention to details is impressive no less. Even the handle is made from heat-resistant nylon, so it offers the best heat protection.

This isn’t a small smoker. You get 481 square inches of cooking grates capacity and you get plenty of additional space. We liked a lot the fact that you can have this model with several different options. It is available with a cover, with applewood, with chimney and so on.

All of this means that the unit in question is professional and designed and made for those who want the most and the best smokers. Additionally, we must include the facts you will also get a built-in thermometer, a water pan, storage space and special ventilation.

So, the unit we have here is better than most other models on the market. It comes with 10 years warranty, but chances are low that you will ever going to use it. The model is well-made and it comes with all elements made to last as long as you need them. The last, but not least, this is a modern and sophisticated smoker for those who want something more.

  • Available in different versions.
  • Modern design.
  • Large cooking area.
  • Made from strong materials.
  • Heat-resistant handle.

  • Design may be an issue for some.
  • The 22-inch model is expensive.

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Pay 5 minutes of your attention to the tested models above and you will certainly find the best charcoal smoker for you and for your family. Each one is more than just special and each one has all of the advantages you are going to need. After all, we tested only the models which provided so much and they are still affordable, so at the end, we can say that they are perfect investment, or better said a wise one.