Best Cereal For Diabetics: Delicious And Safe Breakfast For All Of You

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What is the best cereal for Diabetics? Having a bowl of cereals for breakfast is more common than you may believe. But, this may be an issue if you are a diabetic! Luckily, there are some cereals that are safe for you as well.

The Best Cereal for Diabetics

We will explain why and we will list the best cereal for diabetics below.

best cereal for diabetics

Glycemic index and load

First of all, we must point out that some cereals are loaded with fast-dissolving carbohydrates that will spike the levels of sugar. As such, you will want to pay attention to the glycemic index or GI. It measures how fast the sugar levels will be increased. We can see:

  1. Low GI- 55 or lower.
  2. Medium GI- 56-69.
  3. High GI- 70-100.

This is the first criteria we are going to use. At the moment, we can add that the glycemic index can be affected. Basically, if you consume yogurt while eating cornflakes, you will slow digestion, meaning that you will limit the sugar spikes. It is an important trick to know and use.

Glycemic load is slightly different. It is used to measure how the particular food will affect your sugar levels. Glycemic load is probably even more important for diabetics.

  1. Under 10- low.
  2. 11-19- medium.
  3. 20 or higher- high.

As you can see, glycemic load is probably even more important than the GI. For example, carrots have a high GI, but a low load, so they are still a great vegetable to consume.

1. Cornflakes

best cereal for diabetics

They are the most popular cereals, so they must be on the list. Because the main ingredient is milled corn, you will get a GI of 93 and a glycemic load of 23. They are the highest with these values and the situation is even more severe if you get sugarcoated.

2. Grape-nuts

Here we can see that GI is 95 and the load is 16, which is slightly better than in the first case scenario. They are also rich in vitamins B6 and B12 and folic acid. Furthermore, we can add that they are loaded with fibers around 7 g per a cup, which is important for diabetics.

3. Cream of wheat

As the name suggests, these cereals are made of wheat with added flavor. They contain 66 GI and a glycemic load of 17. They are also rich in iron, 11 mg per a serving. You need this mineral in order to your red blood cells carry oxygen through the body.

4. Muesli

best cereal for diabetics

Here you can see that the GI is 66 and the glycemic load is 16. These cereals are made of oats, dried fruits, and seeds and they are an excellent source of fiber, which can help you regulate the sugar in your blood.

5. Cereals based on rice

For most of you, this is going to be the best alternative. The glycemic index is 69, while the glycemic load is 14. If we add that there are a lot of possibilities available on the market, we can deduce that you can get plenty of different benefits.

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6. Oatmeal

best cereal for diabetics

Oatmeal cereals are made of oats and they have a GI of 55 and the load of 13. They are one of the healthiest alternatives out there and they are simply stunning for diabetics. Always choose organic and versions which don’t have added sugar. In addition, you are also going to get plenty of fiber.

7. Wheat bran cereals

The last and the safest alternative is wheat bran cereal. They are made of a wheat ban and the glycemic index is 55, while the glycemic load is 12. They are also loaded with magnesium, zinc, iron, and fiber.

It is also a better alternative than rice-based cereals and they are something we all like. We must add that some manufacturers offer their cereals with a high level of folic acid, others with B12 vitamin and third combined.


Here you were able to see the best cereal for diabetics and now you are ready to choose carefully and precisely as you want. We also helped you by explaining how and why these cereals would be rated and what to look for. After all, cereals are the ultimate breakfast.

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