Finding The Best Celery Substitute – 6 Helpful Alternatives

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Best Celery Substitute – Like it or not, celery is one of the most common vegetables in a kitchen and can be used for a plethora of dishes. It’s a basic vegetable in multiple recipes, including stocks, soups, and stews. It has a crunchy texture that just can’t be overlooked in dishes like stir fries or salads. However, not everyone loves celery. In fact, some people hate it, so you’ll have to adjust your recipes.

6 Celery Substitute Options

Whether it’s a guest or a family member, you need to find a solid celery substitute, rather than change the dish. Fortunately, there are quite a few options out there, whether it comes to the taste or texture.

best celery substitute

1. Carrot

Carrots make good alternatives to celery for one major reason – they provide the same crunchy texture. Carrots can be used in both simple raw dishes and more sophisticated cooked recipes. The substitution rate depends on the recipe. It’s up to you to figure it out though.

For a classic salad, you might have to add the same amount. For cooked meals, carrots will lose their crunchy profile. The taste is not so intense, so you’ll need up to two times more carrots than celery. There’s no general rule, so add to taste and try it out while cooking.

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2. Green Apple

Celery is often associated with salty meals, while green apples are sweet. It’s hard to understand how the green apple makes such a good celery substitute, yet it’s quite common. That’s because celery also has a slightly sweet taste. On the other hand, they’re both crunchy.

If you use green apple as a celery substitute in a salad, most people can’t tell the difference. When it comes to cooking, use slightly more apple than celery, but do taste every once in a while to ensure your dish doesn’t feel too sweet.

All in all, green apple is excellent in a morning smoothie or juice if you don’t have or like celery.

3. Cucumber

Finding the best celery substitute depends on the recipe. For example, cucumbers make some great alternatives. They have the same cool texture, but they also have the crunchy profile. It’s excellent to replace celery in salads.

On the other hand, the taste has nothing to do with celery. Therefore, when it comes to cooked dishes, you’ll need something else or the cucumber will prove to be completely useless.

4. Bok Choi

Often referred to as Chinese cabbage, this crunchy vegetable has two parts. The bottom part feels and tastes like celery. The top part feels like lettuce, so make sure you mix the right parts in. It’s part of the turnip family, so it relates to cauliflower and broccoli too.

The crunch is quite obvious, while the flavor is not as intense as the aroma of celery. You’ll have to compromise then – flavor over texture or vice versa. It may not be such a good idea to compromise flavor though.

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5. Celeriac

If you don’t care about the actual texture, but you only want the taste of celery, celeriac is your primary choice. The root vegetable is often referred to as root celery, mostly because they belong to the same family. However, unlike celery, it’s only cultivated for the root.

It must be peeled upfront. It feels nutty and earthy, while the flavor is quite intense. On the inside, it looks yellowish. Leaves are not to be overlooked either due to the strong flavor. You can use them just like any other herb, whether you need celery for a salad or a soup.

6. Celery Seed

Celery seed will make a great alternative due to the actual flavor. It won’t have the crunchiness of actual celery though. It’s ideal if you can’t find fresh celery or it’s simply too expensive during the cold season. In many cultures, celery seed is used with medicinal purposes as well due to a wide variety of nutrients in its composition.


Bottom line, finding a good celery substitute is not as hard as you might believe. There are two aspects you need to follow – texture and aroma. Aroma is more important. If you also want crunchiness, don’t be afraid to mix a few different alternatives, yet you have to keep the proportions under control.

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