Analyzing The Best Canned Salmon On The Market – What Should You Choose?

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Best Canned Salmon Products – While canned salmon cannot really be compared to fresh salmon in terms of taste and freshness, it’s a common alternative due to the long shelf life. When canned, salmon can go for years. Plus, it’s always worth buying a big batch, save some money and keep it handy whenever you feel like cooking, rather than go out and shop all the time.

Best Canned Salmon5 Popular Products

Fortunately, there are plenty of choices. But then, finding the best canned salmon takes a bit of research. Sure, what works for some people may not necessarily work for you. After all, people have different preferences in terms of taste and seasoning. Now, what are the best selling products on the market and which canned salmon is rated to be the best?

#1. Wild Planet, Alaska Pink Salmon

Wild Planet’s best canned salmon is available in packs of 12 tins. It comes with a long date, so store it responsibly and you’ll always have it handy when needed. Each tin has 6 ounces, so you’ll get 72 ounces per package. What makes this product special is the fresh from the sea flavor. Practically, although canned, the salmon will taste fresh.

There are more varieties of salmon out there, yet this one is pink. It’s one of the most popular choices because of the rich, yet neutral flavor. In other words, you can cook it in a wide plethora of dishes. Other than that, this product is skinless and boneless. It is hand filleted and cooked once in the can. It retains the natural flavor and juice, as well as all the nutrients – especially Omega 3 oils.

  • Good value for money.
  • Rich flavor and natural juices.
  • Skinless and boneless.
  • Pop top cans.
  • Fresh flavor.

  • Includes the gray meat too.
  • May contain white crystals caused by magnesium.

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#2. Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon

Kirkland Signature’s canned salmon comes in packs of 6 tins. Each tin weighs 6 ounces, so you get 36 ounces of food. One can is enough for a few sandwiches, as well as one or two dishes. It can be mixed with pasta and other foods for a more sophisticated meal.

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The variety is pink. It’s one of the widely appreciated types of salmon because of the flavor. It often comes from sustainable waters too. All in all, Kirkland Signature uses handpicked skinless and boneless salmon. You don’t need to do anything but just cook it.

If you have health-related concerns, you should know the cans are BPA free. Also, there is no fluoride in the composition.

  • Pink salmon variety.
  • Handpicked, skinless and boneless.
  • Cans are BPA free.
  • Each can is suitable for a meal.
  • No fluoride.

      • It contains crunchy bits – crystallized minerals.
      • Should be lightly rinsed before being cooked.

#3. Crown Prince Natural Pink Salmon

Crown Prince has gained notoriety due to the low amounts of sodium. More and more people try to limit the sodium intake due to its side effects. This product comes in packs of 12 tins, while each tin weighs 7.5 ounces. One can is excellent for up to five sandwiches, but it can also be used for a family meal. Of course, it depends on what you’re cooking.

The product has no GMOs in its composition. Also, it comes from an ASMI certified sustainable fishery. For religious purposes, it’s worth noting that it’s kosher. It’s rich in Omega 3, as well as protein. Some might dislike the fact that it also includes some bone matter and skin, yet these parts are responsible for high amounts of calcium, so they’re quite healthy as well.

  • Non-GMO certified.
  • Comes from an ASMI certified sustainable fishery.
  • Rich in protein and Omega 3.
  • Low in sodium.
  • High amounts of calcium.

  • Needs a can opener.
  • Crystallized minerals.

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#4. Redhead Wild Sockeye Salmon From Alaska

The best canned salmon from this manufacturer comes in a pack of 12 cans – each can weighing 7.5 ounces. You get 90 ounces for a pure and superior form of vitamin D, protein and Omega 3. The variety is sockeye – one of the premium types of salmon.

It’s easy to tell why. Not only it’s popular and can come from sustainable waters, but it’s also tasty and rich in flavor. Plus, its flavor is neutral, so it can be cooked in multiple ways. This salmon is harvested in Alaska. It comes with multiple religious certifications too, including the kosher one.

The can is classic size. It’s excellent for a few sandwiches, but it’s also good to accompany other dishes, such as pasta.

  • Comes from sustainable waters.
  • Rich in protein, Omega 3 and vitamin D.
  • Religious certifications.
  • Rich and natural flavor.
  • Can be cooked in numerous ways.

  • No word whether the cans are BPA free or not.
  • It has some bones and skin.

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#5. Vital Choice Wild Red Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Vital Choice is based on simplicity. Basically, you get 3 cans of 7.5 ounces each, so you don’t have to commit to large quantities. Also, you’ll get traditional salmon. Some skin will also be included, as well as some small edible bones.

The salmon is sustainably harvested from Alaska’s waters. It’s rich in Omega 3, vitamin D and protein. One can is enough for a few sandwiches or a small meal. In terms of religious certifications, this product is kosher certified. Also, it’s packed in oil.

  • Sustainably harvested.
  • Rich in protein and Omega 3.
  • Available in small quantities.
  • Kosher certified.
  • Comes with a long date.

  • Hard to tell if the cans are BPA free.
  • Hard to tell which oil it's packed in.


In conclusion, choosing the best canned salmon depends on a few different things, such as the required size and type. Different types of salmon taste differently, hence the necessity of some research.

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