Best Brown Rice Packages – Guide To Pick The Right One

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Best Brown Rice Products – Rice is a very common ingredient that we include in our everyday diet. We get a very high amount of nutrition from consuming rice. However, still, we have to focus on various aspects to buy the best rice package.

While we look for these packages, we can find rice in two versions- White and brown rice. As one of the rice buyers, you have to know how white rice differs from the brown rice. Brown rice is those grains, where the husk has been removed at the time of processing.

Top 4 Best Brown Rice Packages

The nutritional value of brown rice is more than that of the white rice. You may also check out the fiber content in the chosen brown rice package. The short grain rice can be very fluffy and starchy, while the long grain ones do not have much amount of starch. Lots of users prefer these long grains to prepare recipe with pilafs and sauce.

Some consumers buy the rice grains, considering their flavor. The jasmine flavored rice is very sweet, while the long grains are basmati rice. Now, have a look at the review of the best brown rice package.

#1. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Short Grain Brown Rice

best brown rice

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You can get 32 Ounce of brown rice in this package. This is a 6-pack brown rice package, providing you with Kosher certified products.

Short Grain

The manufacturer offers rice grains of various types. However, this is the short grain ones, which are short and plump and look like round kernel.

Good flavor

Cook the rice grains and you will get a distinctive taste from them. You may choose this best brown rice for preparing various recipes, like risotto, croquettes, puddings, soups and rice balls.

USA-grown rice

Lundberg has sourced the rice from the reliable Californian farmers. These are the safest organic products for everyone.

Nutritional value

The rice contains protein, dietary fiber, carbohydrate, iron and a little amount of sugar.

  • Best for lots of rice-based recipes.
  • No gluten.
  • Delicious taste.
  • Non-GMO.

  • No flavor

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#2. Nishiki Premium Brown Rice

best brown rice

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Package size

You can get rice of 15 pounds at an affordable rate

Medium grains

If you have eaten long rice grains, you will find that these medium grains have much wider and shorter kernel. Their length is more than 2 times longer, compared to their width.

California grown rice

The company has collected these rice grains from the best source in California. The package contains tested rice grains that cause no health risk

Nutritional information

The rice contains 10 % carbohydrate, 2% fat and 3 grams of protein. Consume the rice every day to get all these nutrients in your diet.

  • Everything is natural.
  • Best for the daily consumption.
  • FDA approved brown rice.

  • Longer cooking time.

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#3. Sukoyaka Brown Rice, Genmai

best brown rice

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We have chosen another 15-pound package of the best brown rice.


Get the desired taste from this brown rice. Just as the white rice, the grains can stick together. After cooking the rice, you can refrigerate it for the purpose of storage. You may better choose this rice for preparing the Japanese dishes, like sushi.


The manufacturers have offered the high-quality rice grains in this package. However, few users have claimed that this is a semi-polished genmai. You can try it out to know the taste and quality.

  • Highly nutritious.
  • Real taste.
  • Grown in the best regions.

  • No expiration date on the package.

#4. Tamanishiki Super Premium Brown Rice

best brown rice

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The package contains 4.4-Pounds of brown rice. It is a zipped package to hold the rice grains safely. Unzip the package and take out the rice grains.

Short grains

As these are short grains, their kernel is slightly round shaped. For those, who like to cook rice in Japanese style, this rice is the best option.


You can find a sticky consistency in the rice. You may use simple rice cookers for cooking these grains.

  • California-raised rice.
  • Japanese restaurant standard rice.
  • Convenient packaging.

  • No dietary fiber.

Final Words

Thus, from our above review, you can choose the best brown rice package, available in various flavors. Prepare any dish by using this brown rice. Shop for the most reliable package and invest in it.

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