Bradley Smoker Reviews – 2018’s Best Bradley Smokers

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Best Bradley Smoker Reviews – For those who are fans of smoked or barbecue eatables, a smoker is indispensable. While there are many smokers available from different brands, not all are made of all of us. This is because each one has its own set of pros and cons and features.

It is a challenge for the beginning users of smokers to get the temperature correct and sustaining the same. While wood-fired smokers end up in mess and hassle, the coal-fired ones need some significant practice for temperature control.

Ceramic smokers are good but overshooting can take hours to bring the temperature to normal. If these cons are unaffordable, electric smokers are ideal. A reputable brand offering these types of smokers is Bradley.

Why Bradley Smokers

For those who are not patient enough to master the nocturnal skill of coal burn, Bradley has opened a way for you to make some easy and delectable smoked eatables at home. The brand is known for manufacturing high-quality models that help you cook a smoky meal, regardless of whether you are a naïve or a skilled smoker.

The makers of Bradley smokers recognize smoke control as the most vital role player in the smoking process. This makes them focus on working in such a way that delivers consistently decent performance.

This brand takes smoked delicacies to a new level by implementing its own specialized technology. Through this technology, the Bradley smokers provide consistent flavor, accurate cooking methodology, and more control than expected.

Bradley smokers are not only for people with specific smoking skills. In fact, they are for everyone, right from beginners and sportsmen to chefs and deck cooks. There is no need for some special skills or know-how, as the Bradley models perform all work for you.

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The Most Salient Features of Bradley Smokers

Reliable Cooking for Crowd

Depending on the model, Bradley smokers have a diverse number of racks that never fail to give superb support. This makes you worry free, as there is no need to think of handling spilling or tipping. The racks are also movable for adjusting the cooking space as per your requirements and provide quicker access to the food. On an average, space is over 500 square inches, which is sufficient for cooking for a group.

Full Control

This is the specialty of the latest digital models that comes with an easy-to-use but smart interface. Such an interface gives you full control over time, smoke quantity, and temperature. You can either go for automatic control or configure these settings yourself. While the former is for beginners, the latter is for more experienced ones.

Shielded Interior

The interior of Bradley smokers is fully stainless steel and insulated. This ensures not only proper protection but also easy cleaning. The stainless steel also retains heat, which is good for cooking. Due to the complete insulation of the walls, you can use the smoker throughout the year with an assurance of a steady temperature.

Interesting Design

Much time and effort are given in designing ideal smokers. This results in an interesting design. The first striking aspect is its compact design. Although there is no additional space, still each feature is ideal and the smoking process is optimally made simpler. Further, the color mix is also black and white, which goes well with any area such as a home kitchen, cafe kitchen, or even a patio.

Bradley Smoker Reviews – Top 3 Models

There are some popular Bradley smoker models on the market. In case you need more information about them, below are the best Bradley smoker reviews. Let’s check them out.

#1. Bradley Smoker BTDS76P 4-Rack Smoker

Featuring the size of a wine refrigerator, this one is made up of epoxy steel and has a finish of stainless steel to showcase a high-quality build. It comes with four cooking racks and offers eight hours of regulated cool smoke that you can handle well up to 320 degrees F. This makes it ideal for making gourmet items at home.

bradley smoker reviews btds76p

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The thermostat-controlled function retains a consistent temperature, while the wooden bisquettes give the smoky flavor. The look overall is quite clean and appealing enough to be a cool addition to an indoor or an outdoor kitchen. However, you will have to protect it from harsh elements.


  • Pretty look.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to set.
  • Several woody flavors to select.
  • No need of temperature monitoring.
  • Great price.


  • Cannot use in rainy season.

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#2. Bradley BTDS108P Digital 6-Rack Smoker

If Bradley BTDS76P is small for you, this one will be the best bet with six racks supporting cool smoke and hot smoke with faultlessness. It comes with all the features and pros of the aforementioned smaller model.

bradley smoker reviews BTDS108P

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Some of the salient features of this model are oven and smoke burners, internal thermostat, eight hours of smoke, and 780 square inches of space. A fully advanced control board allows setting the time and temperatures. This is a unique model without a flame framework that functions incessantly for eight hours.


  • Simple setup.
  • Easy temperature control.
  • Large limit for smoking more quantity simultaneously.


  • Occasional temperature swing.

#3. Bradley BS916 Digital Bluetooth Smoker

The biggest selling point of this smoker is its Bluetooth technology. The touchscreen in the middle can sync with a smartphone via Bluetooth for controlling its functionality through a phone.

bradley smoker reviews BS916

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One more appealing point is its capacity of 780 square inches that accommodates 10 racks (6 inclusive in shipping). So, the total capacity is over a whooping of 910 square inches. You can make it moveable by adding two wheels at the bottom.


  • Largest capacity.
  • Greater number of racks.
  • Bluetooth operation.


  • Costly.
  • Not working on all Android phones.

#4. Bradley Original BS611 Smoker

This is a mid-size model with four racks. However, it is enough to cook for an average sized family and small gatherings. The build quality is solid, as it is built to last for years provided good maintenance is given. You can use it as a slow oven or a slow cooker with minimum temperature ambient and at maximum 250 degrees F.

bradley smoker BS611

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  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy temperature control.


  • Temperature variation.

Bradley Smoker Reviews – Conclusion

Bradley does not have several smoker models to offer but this does not mean that the existing ones are dull or less reliable. Each model in use is unique, which means that there is something for every BBQ fan.

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