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Best Blender For Green Smoothies: Models Tested And Reviewed

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Best Blender For Green Smoothies Reviews – A busy lifestyle doesn’t always bring us a lot of joy and health. As a matter of fact, it brings us stress and poor diet.

Green smoothies are known method which can help you correct the side effects a busy lifestyle has on you. They are healthy beverages which are easy to make and come with a full range of additional benefits. But, in order to get them, you will need the best blender for green smoothies.

Best Blender for Green Smoothies – Top 3 Picks

If you need some recommendations, below you can “meet” 3 the best models at the moment.

#3. Oster BLSTBC4129 Kitchen Center Beehive Blender

If you are looking for one of the best blenders on the market, you will have to spend some time on this unit. When it comes to the power, it is sufficient for the lack of a better word. This model comes with the 1000Watts electric motor. But, it also comes with different jars.

Oster BLSTBC4129 blender

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The first one is 5-cup for milkshakes and it comes with a blade. The second is a mini jar with a lid and the main, 3-cup processing jar. The Crush Pro blade is made with the help of the latest technology and it is more than just sophisticated.

So, here we can see an excellent blender which offers a powerful electric motor, a variety of jars and even better blade. We should add that it also comes with a 10-year warranty, but it is still a great value for money. Basically, you will get all essential features and a decent quality for a fraction of the money you would have to invest in another blender. Of course don’t forget that the durability and quality are advantages here, alongside the aforementioned ones.

In a nutshell, this blender is a great choice for those who are looking for a cheap alternative and like preparing different types of smoothies or milkshakes. This is one of rare models available on the market which comes with different jars, still a low price and with a great warranty.

Yes, there is some lack when we take a look at the advanced features, but this is still a decent blender to consider and it comes with everything you are going to need. In addition, it is small, compact and dishwasher safe.

  • Value for money.
  • Powerful electric motor.
  • Superb Crush Pro blade.
  • Comes with different containers.
  • Long warranty.

  • Some jars are not dishwasher safe.
  • Lack of advanced features.

#2 Epica Personal Blender

And here we can see a completely different blender compared to the first one on the list. First of all, it comes well-made, but still extremely affordable, which is an interesting option. The blender uses 300 Watts electric motor, so don’t expect plenty of power, but it can provide 23.000 RPMs, meaning that it is capable of offering great performances after all. The blade is above the average for this class as well. Once again, this is an affordable model.

epica personal blender

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If we take a look closer, we can see a 20-ounce mug which is developed to be used on the go. It can withstand -40-112 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures and it will fit all kinds of cup holders in the cars, vehicles or etc. It is very resistant as well, and it even looks nice, but the main advantage here is on the practicality.

The warranty is 2 years, which is impressive no less. Additional facts you should know is that this model is great for single-user use, where it can meet the requirements of a single person and where it must deliver a great tasting smoothie every single time.

  • Excellent value for money.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Glass mug is more than just ideal for use on the go.
  • 23.000 RPMs of the blade.

  • Weak electric motor.
  • Lack of advanced features.

#1 Vitamix 5200 Blender

It isn’t difficult to understand why this is the best blender for green smoothies after all. First, it is designed and made by one of the best brands in the business. It is a very popular model which comes with advanced features and all you are going to need to prepare a delicious smoothie for you.

Vitamix 5200 blender

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The electric motor is powerful and strong enough to meet all your demands. It can rotate the stainless steel blade up to 37.000RPMs. This blade is all-new as well and it is made of stainless steel which is laser cut.

When it comes to overall performances, you get 64 ounces container which is easy to use and made of the high-quality material. Furthermore, this container is easy to clean and on average, you will need 1 minute to clean the unit. Add dish soap, turn on the blender and you are done. The variable speed control is present as well. This means that you can adjust the speed of the blade at any given moment in order to make the most desirable or perfectly grinded smoothie.

Overall, this blender allows you to get any type of beverage you want to make, including a hot soup. It is easy to clean, the electric motor can be used for a long period of time and it won’t overheat and the entire unit will last long. In addition, you also get a 10-year warranty, which is one of the longest in this type of industry. Yes, the price is slightly higher than we would like, but at the end of a day, this small blender is definitely worth every penny.

  • Superb electric motor.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Variable speed setting.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Can prepare all kinds of beverages.

  • Lack of pulse option.
  • There are no pre-programmed modes.
  • Expensive.

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Above you had an opportunity to check out the best blender for green smoothies available on the market right now. We tested and reviewed three models which are currently considered to be the most popular and the most desirable of them all. At the end of the day, all we can say is that one model is the best for you. Our rating is obvious, but it doesn’t mean it must be obeyed at all cost.

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