Exploring the Best Asiago Cheese Substitute

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Asiago Cheese Substitute Alternatives – Asiago cheese is one of the popular cheeses from Italy. It is a staple, semi-firm, and unpasteurized cheese made from cow’s milk. It is widely used in soups, salads, snacks, veggies, plates of pasta, and other dishes that demand cheese in grated form.

This cheese is available in two different forms namely, aged and fresh. The aged one is tangy, while the fresh one is a bit sweeter. The best quality of this cheese is typically imported from Italy. While the local or domestic brands are available, they do not beat the original quality of Italy.

Common Asiago Cheese Substitute Options

While the Asiago cheese is common in Italian dishes, it is not available everywhere. So, if you do not find this cheese in any local store, it is time to choose the best Asiago cheese substitute. Well, the good news is that there are truly some great alternatives to choose from. Let’s explore them!

1. Parmesan Cheese

The taste of Parmesan is similar to that of Asiago. This is perhaps the reason why Parmesan cheese is the most effective alternative for those who want the same taste. For many, it is also among the top substitutes.

Parmesan is also an Italian cheese made from unpasteurized, skimmed cow’s milk but it is firm, has a darker color, and possesses a grainy, sharp, and savory flavor. Further, it is widely available in different local stores.

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Consider it for grating on kinds of pasta, salads, and stews. On the flip side, it is costly and that you should have a look at its packaging labels and origin for ensuring quality. The package should be properly sealed and the originality should be Italian for this cheese to act as a proper Asiago cheese substitute.

2. Grana Padano

With almost the same touch and quality as Asiago, Grana Padano is considered as a top Asiago substitute. It possesses the same firm texture, grained texture, and tangy twist to act as Asiago.

Consider this cheese if you are looking for an alternative to aged Asiago. It is perhaps the closest cheese to experiment with due to sharp taste, firm feel, and grainy texture similar to Asiago.

Grana Padano is made from unpasteurized, skim cow’s milk. This is another similarity it shares with Asiago. As it ages, its flavor becomes stronger, more tangy, and aromatic. You can easily get this cheese from local stores, especially the gourmet ones if not grocery.

3. Provolone

This is another Italian cheese made from cow’s milk, which acts as an effective Asiago cheese substitute.  It is widely used as an alternative in sandwiches, garlic bread, crackers, paninis, and other dishes that demand a bit sweet grating. This is because provolone is a bit sweet in taste.

Made using unpasteurized and pasteurized milk, this cheese has a grainy and firm texture but the flavor is tangy, sweet, and buttery. It is available in two forms namely, Piccante and Dolce.

While the former is tangy enough to replace aged Asiago, the latter is sweet enough to replace the fresh Asiago form. The Dolce type is ideal for crackers, paninis, and sandwiches; while the Piccante is recommended for garlic bread and pizza topping.

4. Manchego (Aged)

This is a Spanish cheese made using unpasteurized sheep’s milk and has a sweet and nutty flavor. Just like Asiago, it is firm and is available in aged and fresh forms. Thus, it is another reliable Asiago cheese substitute.

Interestingly, this cheese is more widely used in American kitchens than in the Italian ones. The aged Manchego is suitable for portions of pasta and more closely resembles Asiago than the fresh form.

5. Dry Jack

This Californian cheese acts as a superb Asiago cheese substitute due to its firm, nutty, creamy, and flaky texture. It is widely used as the Asiago substitute by grating it over kinds of pasta, soups, sandwiches, and omelets. This is because one can enjoy the same feel and taste of Asiago.

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You can even have it melted in sandwiches. The rich and creamy flavor coupled with its granularity as well as firmness makes Dry Jack a great choice as a grating substitute. It is also a cheese that you can use daily.

6. Romano

Originated in Rome, Romano is an ideal Asiago cheese substitute when it comes to pizzas and pasta toppings. Different types of this cheese are available such as Caprino and Pecorino. Pecorino has a sharp taste and comes from sheep’s milk; whereas, Caprino is made using goat’s milk. Of the two, the former is sharper.

There is also one more type called Vaccino and is made using cow milk. Generally, the flavor is tangy and sharp, while the texture is crumbly of Romano. However, both of them vary as per the milk type from which the cheese is made. It is also easy to make this cheese at home.


It is wise to choose your Asiago cheese alternative depending on the recipe and preferable taste. As most of the aforementioned options share similar properties with Asiago, your preferable taste would allow deciding the best alternative.

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