Best 4-Slice Toaster: 3 Models That Will Make Your Life Easier

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The best 4-slice toaster isn’t something you will want to have, it is something you should have simply because it makes your life so much easier. But, in the sea of models, which one is the best?

Best 4-Slice Toaster ReviewsOur Top 3 Picks

We have tested and compared some of the most popular models at the moment and our list will help you choose the one that is just right for you.

#3. Cuisinart CPT-440 4-Slice Toaster

If you are looking for a toaster which offers superb attention to the details and the bread toasting, this one is just perfect. The main advantage is in the intensity control. There are 1-7 settings, where 1 is light browning and used for low-heating while 7 is used for extremely dark bread slices. It is up to you to choose the one you like and selecting it is simple as pressing a button.

Best 4-slice Toaster - Cuisinart CPT-440

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There are two displays here as you can see, which make it look like no other toaster on the market. The next main advantage is the warranty. It is 3 years, so it is much longer than other models have. But, this is also all-metal toaster, so the quality is at the highest level possible. There is no need in telling you that we liked these advantages so much. In addition, it works on 110V and it comes with great user manual, so using it won’t be an issue.

We tested 4 slices version, but there is exactly the same model with 2 slots. It is more desirable for individuals who live alone and who don’t need a 4-slice toaster. Anyway, we were impressed with the unit in question and we liked the fact the price is reasonable. After all, you will be an owner of the modern and sophisticated toaster which is perfect for users who want the best toast every single time.

  • All-metal body.
  • Different settings are possible.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Two displays.
  • Ability to adjust the intensity.

  • It may be complicated to use.
  • 2- slice erosion is expensive.

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#2. KitchenAid KMT422QG 4-Slice Toaster

The model we have here is special as well and considered as one of the best 4-slice toaster models on the market. It is a high-end toaster of the latest generation. As such, you have a wide range of capabilities to choose from. For example, you can reheat, defrost or bake anything that can fit inside this toaster.

Best 4-slice Toaster - KitchenAid KMT422ER

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We also liked the design and the build quality. The unit is made of metal, so it feels sturdy and the overall quality is better than similar models from the same price group have to offer. Sadly, this isn’t a very affordable model, so be prepared to invest into it. But, on the other hand, you will have a great and probably one of the best toasters ever designed.

The variety of colors is simple, yet desirable addition. You can have it in silver, red or graphite version. We would like to see black version as well, but there is no such option at the moment. There are a few advantages of the unit we have here which come in the form of high-lift lever and the display where you can track the progress of the toaster. It definitely makes toasting easier than ever and allows you to prepare better toasts than ever before.

Overall, the model we just reviewed is great in the lack of a better word. We liked the design, how it operates and the fact you also get advanced features which were used for more expensive models. In the end, you are going to be more than just satisfied with it, we know.

  • Sleek design.
  • Different options.
  • All-meat body.
  • Can be fitted anywhere in a kitchen.
  • Available in different colors.

  • Isn’t available in black color.
  • Expensive.

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#1. Breville BTA830XL Smart Toaster

The Breville BTA830XL is the best 4-slice toaster and now you will get an opportunity to understand why. The first thing you are going to notice is the power of this unit. It is 1600 Watt toaster, so it offers impressive performances every single time you use it. But, the exterior of the unit will stay cool all the time, thanks to the full-metal body.

Best 4-slice Toaster - Breville BTA830XL

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Furthermore, this particular model offers a high level of attention to the details, so it even looks more expensive than it actually is. When we are talking about the price, we should mention that it is an extremely affordable unit!

There are some advanced features as well. For example, you will get audio notifications when toasts are ready. The notification can be loud, medium or mute. In addition, you also get LED notifications so over burned bread won’t be an issue with this toaster.

Perfect for those who had this issue in their kitchen for years. Now we know that the model in question is well-made, comes with advanced features and it has the quality which is special in the lack of a better word. But we also liked the fact there is enough room for 4 slices of bread, regardless of their shape.

Making bead toast of different brownness is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is to select the desirable setting, turn on the unit and wait a couple of minutes. The toaster will complete all hard work for you. Additionally, you will appreciate the look of the model and the fact the power cord is concealed, so this toaster will bend in your kitchen perfectly.

  • Attention to details.
  • Can be used for breed slices of different shapes.
  • Modern and appealing design.
  • 5 different settings.
  • Easy to use.
  • Concealed power cord.

  • Complicated user manual.
  • 1 year warranty only.


Still wondering which the best 4-slice toaster is? You can see out opinions in the form of ranking, we have included here. In general, all 3 models are worthy of your consideration and choosing either of them doesn’t mean you are making a mistake. Of course, you will probably like just one model, so it is the best toaster for you, as simple as that.

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