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The Best 4-Cup Coffee Maker – A Low-Cost Coffee Brewer

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The 4-cup coffee makers are more affordable overall as compared to other 12-cup brewer or single-cup brewer. They have fewer in features and are more compact in shape. If you are looking for functionality like programmable or timers are not found in this kind of coffee machine. But, there are some best 4-cup coffee maker models on the market today that can provide the convenient features found on a bigger device.

Best 4-Cup Coffee Maker – Top 3 Picks

In this article, we reviewed three of the best 4-cup coffee maker products on the market. After reading this post, it will be easy for you to decide which machine is right for you.

3. Mr. Coffee TF5GTF-RB

The Mr. Coffee TF5GTF-RB is a recommended coffee maker if you are living in an apartment or for office use. For those with small counter space, the Mr. Coffee TF5GTF-RB tiny footprint can fit comfortably and can provide space for the ingredients. It has all the features that coffee enthusiasts are looking for.

best 4 cup coffee maker - MR COFFEE TFGTF

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The on/off light indicator signals you when the machine is working or on shut off mode. This feature makes sure that you will not leave your device on when you are not brewing.

With its removable filter basket, filling and cleaning the machine is easy. You will love the dual water window that enables you to see the amount of water in the container for accurate filling. The warning plates feature makes sure that you will always have a hot cup of coffee every time you want it. This plate is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

  • Its compact and lightweight design are ideal for small office or kitchen.
  • The warming plate can help you pour a hot cup of coffee all the time.
  • It has a stain-resistant feature that prevents staining.

  • Some complaint of spilling over when pouring coffee from the carafe.

Mr. Coffee TF5GTF-RB 4 cup coffee maker can make brewing your favorite coffee easy and right from the comfort of your home. It is one of the best machines on the market today. This device has removable filter basket and a warming plate that keeps your coffee hot all the time.

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2. Cuisinart DCC-450BK

Cuisinart DCC-450BK coffee maker is convenient and is recommended for coffee lovers. The machine is made to fit that coffee lover in the house. It has a functional handle with a drip-less pour nozzle to serve coffee fast. Cuisinart 4 cup coffee maker has two features that consumers love.

best 4-cup coffee maker - CUISINART DCC-450

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The brew pause function of this Cuisinart enables you to sip a cup mid-cycle. With this feature, you can have the best-tasting coffee ready before you wake up. The 30-minute shutoff function helps save power efficiently.

The compact footprint uses minimal counter space so you can put your ingredients in the same area. Its compact design likewise makes this coffee machine easy to store. You will love its brewing mechanism. The coffee powder is always under the water which ensures complete extraction and brewing.

  • 30-minute shut off safety feature that helps save on electricity bills.
  • The brew n pause feature lets you sip some coffee before brewing is completed.
  • Comfortable handle for easy handling.

  • The carafe may become very hot since it is made of steel and is not insulated.

The Cuisinart DCC-450Bk coffee maker is ideal for those who want to brew a small amount of ground coffee at a time. The brew pause is a favorite feature that lets you sip on the coffee even if the brewing is not yet complete. The automatic shut off function is an advanced feature that helps you save on electricity.

1. Mr. Coffee DRX5-RB

Mr. Coffee DRX5-RB is a compact coffee maker which is considered as one of the favorite brands. It is one of the few 4 cup coffee makers which has programmability features that can brew coffee automatically at your chosen time. This feature will help you to set the time in between 24 hours, and it wakes up automatically and start the brewing process so you will have your hot cup of freshly brewed coffee when you wake up. It also has pause and brews feature and stores 48 oz. of water to brew 4 cups of tasty coffee.

best 4-cup coffee maker - MR COFFEE DRX5-NP

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The auto on and off feature makes it easy for you to control the machine timing. When not in use the machine turns in an auto-off mode and turns on when it is time for your coffee. The removable filter basket makes it easy for cleaning and pouring. With this feature, you can perform your brewing operations faster.

The dual water window feature makes it easy for you to check the quantity of water in the machine. Since it is visible, there is no need for you to open the lid when checking. It also helps in the perfect filling.

  • It lets you set the brew delay feature for up to 24-hrs. You can start the brewing before you wake up.
  • With its removable filter basket, it makes the filling and cleaning the machine easy.

  • The filter may fold over that drain the grounds into the carafe.

Mr. Coffee DRX5-RB allows you to start brewing through its programmable features. With the coffee maker’s removable filter basket, brewing pause and serve, and dual water window features, you can brew 4 cup coffee easily.

Final Verdict

The best thing about brewing a small amount of coffee in a small coffee maker can preserve the tastes, essential oils, and aromas of coffee grounds to provide a tastier cup of coffee all the time. The best 4-cup coffee maker can help you achieve the best tasting coffee in an instant.

The machine also offers the convenience of making a single serving. When buying the best 4-cup coffee maker, some of the features that you can consider are the programmable feature, brewing pause n serve, easy cleaning, and auto shutoff features. The best thing about this is that the machine does not cost you that much.

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