Tips for Experiencing the Maximum Benefits of 7-day Sugar Detox

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7-day Sugar Detox – It is not that straightforward to quit sugar completely. Agreed! However, it is easy to quit sugar with some smart tweaks. Many of us strive hard for effectively removing sugar but end up giving up. This is because all of a sudden quitting is likely to hit your health in an unfavorable way and increase the cravings for eating something sweet.

7-day Sugar Detox – Some Tips

However, it is actually easy to get started with small programs, such as the 7-day sugar detox one. This detox plan aims to throw that risky sugar out of your body without making you quit. Here are some smart tweaks or tips to make this plan work for you effectively.

7-day Sugar Detox

#1. Drink More Water

No detox plan can be effective without having water. For those who do not know, water is a craving curber. So, whenever you get a craving, consider drinking a full glass of water and then wait for some minutes. Now, if your body does not want any food, your craving will subside.

Also, do start your day by consuming a glass of water in the morning. Then, do have a water bottle with you so that you can have more water throughout the day. You will feel fuller and more satisfactory.

#2. Have Naturally Occurring Sugar

This is actually good news for those who are following this 7-day sugar detox plan. While sugars are not allowed, natural sugars present in many fruits, grains, and veggies are an exception. This is because such sugars are healthy.

#3. Keep Yourself Busy

Upon starting with this plan, you may be experiencing the toughest time of your life. This is because sugar addiction is hardest to overcome. Thus, to bypass this toughest experience, consider keeping yourself busy. Do not sit idle at any point of time.

Go for a walk, have a running competition with your pal, read a motivational book, or search for some great quotes and inspiring videos. Do anything that will keep you engrossed so that you do not focus on cravings.


Medical experts are of the opinion that the effects of sugar are comparable with those of drugs and alcohol. So, for whomever health is on priority, they have no option other than getting rid of cravings and addiction for sugar. Thus, it is wise to get started with a 7-day sugar detox plan using the three aforementioned tips.

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