Discovering The Asian Super Food – What Does Taro Taste Like?

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For those of you who want to try this food for the first time probably ask this question: “What does Taro taste like?”. Before you find out the answer, it’s better if you explore a bit more about Taro.

If you’re into healthy diets, eating clean and staying mean and lean, chances are you are interested in superfoods from all over the world. Every cuisine out there has at least a few superstars that can contribute to your health. From many points of view, the Asian cuisine is a front runner. Not only it’s widely appreciated all over the world, but it also comes with a series of unusual ingredients that can only benefit your health.

what does taro taste like - taro root

If you’ve done your homework already, you have probably heard of taro before. But then, what is it? What does taro taste like? More importantly, is it actually good for you? The more you know, the more informed your decisions will be. Besides, no matter how important it is, the taste is not the only thing to be concerned about, but also the overall advantages.

What is taro?

Taro represents the root of Araceae. The root is usually purple, yet different species of this plant have pink or white roots. The plant originates from India, but it was widely used in other parts of South Asia as well. Later on, it was cultivated on all continents for its sweet aroma. Given the taste, it became a popular ingredient in many dishes.

From many points of view, taro is similar to potatoes – you cultivate the plant and eat the root. It even looks like potatoes and can be cooked and eaten similarly. As for the taste, it’s completely different. The same goes for its beneficial properties.

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Is taro good for you?

There are more reasons wherefore taro has been around for such a long time. Some of its main properties include:

  • Reducing the risk of cancer due to antioxidants, vitamins A and C.
  • Improving skin health due to vitamins A and E.
  • Reducing cardiovascular issues due to potassium.
  • Boosting vision due to cryptoxanthin and beta-carotene.
  • Improving digestive health due to fibers.
  • Improving the immune system due to vitamin C.
  • Stimulating circulation due to a high mineral content.

What does taro taste like?

There are no doubts about the benefits of this root, but then, what does taro taste like? While your health is important, chances are you care more about the actual taste. Taro is like a potato in everything – including the texture. Also, it’s rich in starch, so its taste is likely to linger in your mouth if you eat it raw. As for the taste, taro is sweet. You might think about comparing it to sweet potatoes – wrong! It might be sweet, but it has an earthy aroma that might feel like vanilla sometimes.

This is the main reason wherefore taro is often associated with frozen yogurts, as it’s an excellent flavor. If you’re not used to eating lots of sweets, you can taste the sweetness right away. It’s not overwhelming though. However, if you eat sweets everyday, it might go unnoticed.

In the end, taro is often considered to have an acquired taste. There’s only one way to determine whether you like it or not – taste it!

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