Applesauce As An Egg Substitute: New Type Of Chocolate Brownies

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Applesauce As An Egg Substitute – Chocolate brownies are probably some of the best and the most delicious type of cookies ever invented by people. They look great and they are extremely delicious. There is no a person on the planet who doesn’t like eating them.

applesauce as an egg substitute

As you know eggs have a primary role here, but some of you cannot eat eggs, so they will need a substitute. Here we will reveal the applesauce as an egg substitute when it comes to cookies in question.

What’s the role of eggs?

There are several roles eggs will have and the main one is to keep all other ingredients together. They are also linked to fats and they provide a bit specific texture. This makes eggs the main ingredient when it comes to chocolate brownies and the one you must use. However, some of you will need to use applesauce as an egg substitute.

Applesauce As An Egg Substitute – Ratio

First things first: Ratio. Try to remember that the ratio is a must and you must follow it. You will have to use ¼ of cup for each egg you will replace. We also add the fact that you should add ½ tablespoon of baking powder to the equation in order to compensate for the absence of eggs.

Adjusting the recipe

Now you will have to know how to make tiny adjustments in order to get delicious chocolate brownies that are made without eggs. The first thing to know is that you must reduce the temperature to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. This is essential due to the fact a lower amount of fat means that the chocolate brownies will be baked in less time than ever before.

You also must decrease the level of sugar for 1-2 tablespoons because applesauce is generally sweeter than the eggs, obviously. This is a must as well, so make sure you follow this guideline to the point. If you choose not to decrease it, you will end up with cookies which are not very good.

The final word

Using applesauce as an egg substitute is a common action for most people nowadays. Regardless of the fact why you are looking to avoid eggs, keep in mind that you will use applesauce as the best substitute. The overall taste will be changed as well. You can expect more fruity taste and a better texture. Some of you may prefer this overall taste.

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