Apple Crumble Recipe – For Those Who Loves Fruit Dessert

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This Apple Crumble Recipe is easy and quick to follow. The combination of apple fillings and crunchy texture will give you a good taste. Enjoy!

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Title: Apple Crumble Recipe

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Apple Crumble Recipe. Very simple, you can make a crumble out of any fruit. I just chose Apple because I love it, it's delicious. So a nice Golden Delicious apple you cut it in cubes just like that so this way you'll have kind of trunks of the Apple.

When it's finished to that we will add some sugar lemon juice lemon rind apples. Lemon goes so good together and here I have some dried cherries soaking in brandy. We'll put that in as well. So as you can see it's not a complicated dessert, it's a delicious dessert.

It's basically assembling everything so we let this set a little bit.

Crumble Process

We'll make the crumble so what's the process the process is that you put the apples in a buttered pan or for that matter any fruit. Then we'll tap it with this crumble and then we'll bake it. Simple delicious so brown sugar whole oats the ones that you cook for oatmeal.

Those oats are great flour, throw-in almonds. As you can see this will mix together and will kind of bind it by little pieces of cold butter. This has to happen rather quickly and not too much you don't want to work it.

You don't want to make a dough out of it you just want it to crumble exactly. What the recipe says pulsating it just a little bit of salt and that's the way I want it.


Let's get the apples in the pan right here spread them evenly.  Just cover all of the apples so the little chunks of butter, the sugar all will melt and make a great crusty crumble on top. Okay, preheat an oven at 375 the reason 45 minutes you'll get a delicious crumble.


There's so much you can play with within this recipe. We made it with apples yeah I love apples and it's delicious. But you know you can make it with any seasonal fruit even berries whatever you have but think about dry fruits that you have at home.

Cranberries soaked in rum, orange juice, raisins, apricots, dates any dry fruit that you have prunes. You can mix it with the fruit all will add complexity and flavor. The topping I made it with blanched almonds but think about hazelnuts pecans walnuts pine nuts all these nuts.

Even if you have a little bit of each mix it up so have fun. Let loose enjoy making on your own okay? As simple as that beautiful aroma cinnamon the fruit mm-hmm okay. Bubbles toils or troubles but this are no trouble. This is delicious and it's easy, right?


So you could serve it nice and hot like that. I mean I would give it a chance a little bit to settle, no crumble very Italian. Now I don't recall us doing this I mean we baked a lot of fruits and bread I mean fruit dessert is very Italian.

I love fruit dessert anything from poached roasted fruit with a dollop of ice cream. Whether it's made into a strudel. I just love it so sermon, this is simply just putting it out.


So what do I want it decorated with this is whipped cream. This is sour cream and this is yogurt so any of those would do. Of course, a little drizzle of honey a very European toast is to have creme fraiche and creme fraiche or at least the likes of creme fraiche.

We can make ourselves do some sour cream and some whipped cream. That's gonna make creme fraiche it's like an acidic whipped cream just a little denser delicious. I can't go in and kind of push it out you see the just like that mm-hmm.

When it's warm like this you know one thing that will happen. Any creamer in that you put on it will kind of melt and run that just down. But also a scoop of ice cream on top of it is also delicious just like that.

It'll make a nice sauce for me and of course a little bit of honey for me. That's the best way to finish fruit or baked desserts like that with fruits a little bit of honey.


Simple as that beautiful aroma cinnamon, the fruit, the honey. Now as you can see it's beginning to melt and I kind of like that. So let's go right in here it is so deliciously warm, the fruit cinnamon. Look at the brown sugar element with a tinge of cinnamon in there.

It is just delicious the lemon, right? I can taste that so I'm gonna eat this apple crumble recipe, I'm gonna savor it. But I don't want all of it to melt so I'm gonna kind of get into it. But I want you to join me of course.

So tutti a tavola amateur.