Anolon vs. Calphalon: The Best Hard Anodized Cooking Dishware

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Anolon vs. Calphalon – Hard anodized cookware is nowadays more than just popular and it definitely deserves your full attention. This cookware is well-made, extremely durable and it comes with surfaces which won’t be damaged, regardless of the fact what you do with them.

But, which brand you will want to purchase cookware from? The Anolon vs. Calphalon is an everlasting battle which always has many different outcomes.

Anolon vs. Calphalon – What’s the difference?

In general, both of these brands are based on the same technology and they offer great advantages, compared to other brands and other types of cookware. But, there are plenty differences as well.


This brand is one of the most desirable at the moment when it comes to the hard anodized cookware. The main reason is more than just simple. These products are great value for money. The 12 items set is more than just sufficient for all of you who are planning to use the set for all kind of applications you have in mind. Furthermore, there are no quality issues regardless of the more affordable prices. The bottom part here is that Anolon offers the best value for money.

Anolon vs. Calphalon - Hard anodized cookware

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When it comes to the design, both brands offer similar design features, but Anolon comes in brush bronze, which is more appealing to some users.  Handles are a masterpiece. They are made of stainless steel, but they come with silicone coating which is comfortable to use, very durable and can withstand massive temperatures. This is one of the main differences between these two brands.

The maximum temperature Anolon cookware can withstand is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that they are not dishwasher safe. The coating which we have explained may be damaged in a dishwasher, so you will need a new cookware!

At the end here, we must add that Anolon doesn’t come with as many additions as its main rival. These affect the largest frying pans in the set.

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Despite the fact this brand is commonly compared with Anolon, it is more than just different. The main difference comes in the set. Yes, it also comes with 12 items, but they are better equipped with lids and they are more versatile. The set is great, in a simple word. The price is higher than the first case scenario, but these items are still a decent value for money. You are going to like it.

Anolon vs. Calphalon - nonstick cookware

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When it comes to the design, you get black coat finish, which doesn’t look extremely appealing, but it is durable and looks elegant. But, design and the finish depending on your individual preference.

The maximum temperature this cookware can withstand is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The next main difference is in the dishwasher capabilities. As you recall, we mentioned that Anolon cannot be washed in a dishwasher. This actually applies to most hard anodized cookware. But, in the case of Calphalon, this isn’t the situation. Simply said, you are free to wash it in the dishwasher. Only several other brands offer this capability, of course, all features hard anodized cookware.

Handles are different as well. Yes, they are made of stainless steel also, but they don’t come with a silicone coating, which may be an issue for some users. The last, but not least is the surface. Both surfaces are non-stick and they are resistant, but Anolon surfaces are still better. In the case of Calphalon, they are not immune to scratches, also, despite the fact they feature the same number of layers.

We should add that visually, there are no plenty of differences between these two brands. Both of them look great and both of them are extremely durable.

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Anolon vs. Calphalon – Conclusion

Anolon vs. Calphalon comparison should help you decide which brand is more suitable for you. As you can see, they are not the same, nor do they come with the same features.

After all, it is up to you which type you prefer, just keep in mind that both are considered as some of the best manufacturers in the business, so you definitely won’t make a mistake, regardless of the type you choose. As you can see, the main differences are in handles, maximum temperatures, and the dishwasher capabilities. Also, surfaces are slightly different as well.

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