Angus Beef Vs. Regular Beef: Which Is Better?

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Here we will try to discover are there some differences between Angus beef vs. regular beef. But, first, we will have to explain and to learn what the Angus beef actually stands for. So, take your time to relax and enjoy in explanation why Angus beef is commonly considered as the best beef there is.

Angus Beef: Basics

Angus beef actually comes from Aberdeen Angus breed of cows which originated in Scotland. They are also known for being smaller than regular cows and for having a bit different meat. Yes, they are known as ‘’hardly’’.

Angus Beef Vs. Regular Beef

But, the true origin of Angus beef comes from 1978 when the Angus program was established. Back then consumers were getting different types of beef which were known for high quality, but in most cases, they got poor quality. Basically, there was no way to determine the quality of the beef! The Angus program was an association which had to check all the quality aspects of beef and to label it properly. Only the best and the most delicious beef was labeled with the sticker.

Nowadays, there are 30.000 Angus beef breeders in the United States and they export the meat to more than 47 countries. Obviously, each package is tested and labeled properly, so only the best meat can have the label in question. These figures are increasing constantly, so they cannot be predicted.

The main advantage of this association is in 10 control points which must be met in order for the meat to get the label. Only if the meat meets all the requirements, it will get the approval. More than 1.8 million pounds of meat are sold daily!

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What makes Angus beef so special?

If you don’t know what the main differences are, lets us explain them. Angus beef comes from a different breed of cows and the time it is hung and stored are very different compared to normal beef. There are also major differences between the foods cows eat. It is known that cows that eat mostly grass will have more omega fatty acids than those that eat corn. These are just some of the differences between ordinary beef and Angus beef. As such, we must say that there are plenty of advantages this form of beef offers and they are extremely important.

So yes, Angus beef is special and it is considered to be the best type of beef on the market since the 70s. It is commonly used by high-end restaurants, those who want the best steak all the time and those who will appreciate it.

Angus Beef Vs. Regular Beef – Conclusion

Angus beef vs. regular beef comparison is more than just important if you are looking for the best form of beef for steaks and for daily needs. In general, Angus beef is an improved, upgraded version of conventional beef and it brings us a lot of advantages. The taste is better, it is healthier and it is known for offering all advantages you can think of.

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